Every year it gets harder and harder!!!! And more and more fun – to scour the corners of the internet in order to find unique holiday gifts for our readers. Over the past few years, we have been getting more microscopic in focus. Where we once singled out gifts for moms or grandparents, I realized that every individual has unique interests and loves. It’s far easier to shop for gifts on a triathlete or racquet sports list than going through a general one. So, without further blabbering, here they are. And below I have also included past ideas that might stimulate your imagination! Some of the links pay a small percentage of revenue to UrbanMommies if you should purchase something. This is how I keep the site going and as always, every single item in our gift guide is hand-chosen and not sponsored. Enjoy!

Unique Holiday Gift Ideas

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Tiny Baby Gifts

Very Unique Holiday Gift Ideas (1)

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