There’s nothing quite like a best friend. And there are SO many perfect gifts out there! With my besties in my mind, there are a few things that I’ve been saving up for, so wanted to share them with you. Every kindred spirit has many facets to their personality. Whether it’s spirituality, a love of popcorn, or impeccable skin care, we tried to help out the holiday best friend gift search!

2018 Best Friend Gift Guide

1. We all have a special number, the language of numbers is timeless, predating the alphabet. Numbers can be considered lucky, they can give us a better understanding of ourselves and they can inspire or give direction to where we’d like our lives to be. Specifically, the 1-9 numbers carry a energy or vibration that has a relationship to nature, making them a powerful symbolic expression. FIVE – Five has wild vibrations and is an adventurer at heart. The most dynamic number, Five is energetic outgoing and always in motion.  Freedom, change and travel surround Five. Number + charm available at Crocus & Ivy. $65
2.Popped Passion was created to bring great flavors together and combine them with popcorn in a fun, delicious and Insta-worthy way. Whether you have a passion for peanut butter or a passion for Buckeye football, this innovative new company combines it together with popcorn to create a Popped Passion Popcorn Cake. Cakes from Popped Passion. $25
3. Friends keep telling me about this skincare line and the results are insanely quick! Nerium’s Age IQ Day Cream is designed to moisturize and smooth fine lines and wrinkles with a lightweight formula that uses non-oily oils to soften your skin – perfect for daytime use. $129
4. NOGU, the line of jewelry Mario Christian Lavorato and her brother created while living with Cystic Fibrosis. Their latest collection of beautiful Kite bracelets benefits Cystic Fibrosis research and care, and it’s a way for gift givers to give back to a cause this holiday season. The bracelets can be purchased at For every Kite bracelet sold, 50 percent of sales will be donated to Cystic Fibrosis Canada in support of research, clinical care, and advocacy for those living with CF. $64
5. Chocoselfie from Chocolats Favoris – because everyone needs fondue, and the personalization is priceless!! $14.99
6. Hand Cream Christmas Crackers from the Body Shop. Super luxurious, and great value too! $40 ($60 value).
7. Have an animal-lover friend? Adopting a WWF animal may be just the thing. Not only do you receive a partial tax receipt, but also a cool bag and adoption certificate! $40-$50
8. You are a true friend if you give them the iComfort foot massager from Best Buy! $300
9. Not just because I had the best time ever at a Float party at Beaches Resorts, but Coconut Floats are part of what made it all happen. Your bestie deserves no less! This giant flamingo is a must. $60
10. Who doesn’t want a good hair day? The Buttercup and Belles Blow Dry Kit from Drybar is available online-only, and you will make her day. $160 (on sale).

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