It has been a rough month and our world is changing. We are focused on what matters most in our lives, and what is essential. What is most meaningful?  This year, we thought about the important job that a gift must do. In this moment, a well chosen gift must express our feelings, intentions, and most importantly convey our caring. Plus, it must excite and delight the recipient. The Editorial Board at UrbanMommies, met, debated and explored the scope of gifting, and determined that no one-size-fits-all guide would suffice to adequately inspire meaningful gift giving this season. Therefore we proudly present the UrbanMommies 2015 Twelve Days of Christmas Gift Guides, each curated to deliver the meaningful messages which holiday gifts must convey this year.

And Now…. Released one per day over the past 12 days, we present our twelve guides.

Comfort and Soothe
Tickle and Delight
Illuminate and Solve
Quench and Indulge
Enchant and Charm
Smoulder and Stun
Fascinate and Enlighten
Transport and Navigate

Always know that our picks are completely curated without any sponsorship whatsoever. Happy shopping, and to all a good night.