On day 8 of our 12 days of Christmas Gift Guides, we move into the ethereal. Mystic, moving and gracious, these treats that enchant and charm will keep you and everyone around you smiling. In case you missed any, we’ve done a round-up of all of our guides, along with a chance to win $250 in Visa gift cards.Gifts that Enchant and Charm

1. Minted Stationary: The site is a collection of designers all collaborating to bring unique custom designed stationary to fit individual needs. Stationary for him, her, and even for kids. The site also has a collection of occasional and holiday cards, as well as the option to customize with your own family photo. Prices range, but for 25 pieces you’re looking at $35.  

2. TV Cufflinks See Jane: I fell in love with this idea and these charming cufflinks instantly. Children need to see entertainment where females are valued as much as males. So when Academy Award winner Geena Davis noticed a dearth of females in the programming she was watching with her young daughter, she took action. See Jane, Davis’ nonprofit, uses research and education to advocate for gender balance in media targeting children 11 and under. And we think that’s a goal everyone should support! Set of cufflinks in .925 sterling silver. $180.00 

3. Live Clean Sheer Light Skin Perfecting Dry Body Oil: I tried this and now I have to rub BOTH sons’ backs with it every night! What makes Live Clean unique is that they always have natural ingredients in their formulas. The Live Clean Sheer Light Skin Perfecting Dry Body Oil is awesome – it’s a blend of Safflower, Avocado, Coconut, Argan, Jojoba, and Sesame oils along with a dose of vitamin E and C. The oil also has a light citrusy fragrance that isn’t too sweet or too strong. The oil is super smooth and goes on so nicely giving skin a nice sheen. Available at Walmart and Loblaws for $9.99. 

4. Luminous BalloonsDid you know that balloons were first made out of intestines? But since the 20th century, people began to make it out of latex, which is way better in our opinion! Now In the 21st century, NOUWEE brings you a light augmented balloon: the new generation of balloons! Use it to play with your kids, at your music show or just to decorate your party! LED light attached to the tip of the balloons. Each box has 6 different coloured luminous balloons. 11 inches balloons made out of high quality latex. Plastic trigger to turn on the light. Can be filled with helium or air. Colours available are blue, red, green, pink, white and yellow. Lasts at least 20 hours (brightest hours are the firsts) $11.49 

5. Ole Smoky MoonshineIt’s time for a good time. That’s the spirit inherently mixed in with Ole Smoky Moonshine, the leading distiller of premium moonshine in the U.S. and the first federally licensed distillery in the history of East Tennessee. The company’s roots can be traced to the early settlers of the Smoky Mountains. Which means this isn’t just moonshine. It’s moonshine made with authenticity and enduring pride of the people of the Tennessee Mountains. In 2009, the law in Tennessee changed and suddenly, it was legal to make, distill and sell the infamous bootlegger’s hooch. It was at that point that a group of families decided to bring their artistry of superior moonshine making to the world at large.

6. Beados Gems: Create cool jewellery with a press of a button! Making precious Beados Gems™ jewellery is easier than ever with the Beados Gems Studio.  Store your gems, select your colours and easily place them onto your template using your gem pen! Then magically join your jewellery with water!  $24.99

7. Dino TruxOne of the hottest toys of the year comes to us courtesy of the very talented team of Dreamworks and Chris Gall creator of the award-winning, best-selling Dinotrux. The books are brought to the screen courtesy of Dreamworks and the characters are brought to playable life by Mattel. Chompin Ty Rux is our favorite. $59.99

8. Tiny Devotions’ mala jewelry is made with Mala beads – said to be both mysterious and magical. First created in India 3000 years ago, mala beads have roots in Hinduism,
Buddhism and yoga. Tiny Devotions crafts necklaces and meditation garlands that have been worn for thousands of years by yogis and spiritual seekers from all over the world. Bracelet: $54.00

9. Even beginner home bartenders can Enchant their guests thanks to Simon Ford. Simon recently partnered up with Tony Abou-Ganim (Modern Mixologist Barware), Jeffrey Morgenthaler (The Bar Book, Craig Krueger (Mavenhal Bar Bags) and Cocktail Courier to create, what we think, is a great starter kit for the home bartender. It was inspired by those times that bartenders have to make cocktails at peoples houses and they usually have terrible barware. It contains a book, tools and some fords gin. $399.00

10. Start Christmas morning off on a high note! Mettrum Originals Mmedibles mixes provide healthy consumption alternatives for patients who choose medical cannabis for their health. Mettrum designs a line of hemp-based foods created with a focus on nutrition, great taste and convenience, giving Canadians an easy way to integrate hemp and its health benefits into their diets. The new Mettrum Originals line also includes non-food hemp products such as lip balm, hand cream and wood finish.  Mettrum is a vertically integrated agri-pharmaceutical company focused on research, development, production and distribution of Health Canada licensed cannabis products and focuses on educating and resourcing healthcare practitioners and their patients. 

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