In the second of our 12 days of Christmas Gift Guides we zero in on gifts that comfort and soothe. The world certainly needs to feel safe and cozy these days and we are convinced a few of these selections may help!

1. Grown-up Colouring Books are all the rage this year and we are loving the zen that engulfs you when you sit down with this beautiful adult colouring book by Katerina Mertikas available at Zen Colouring Pages.

2. This is where we get feisty! Nothing warms the soul like a steaming hot cup of tea with a… sweet treat on the side and Absolute Xtracts THC Honey Straws containing sustainably grown California cannabis are must-have sweeteners. For those who love to curl up on the couch, Honey Straws are a creative and calming marijuana confection. $5 – $25

3. First Edition Books from A Libris. Maybe the $12,000 copy of Jane Austen’s Persuasion isn’t in the budget, but…….

4. Vinyl from In Sound. With our portable record player from yesterday’s guide, you will need some comforting tunes to play. Better yet, you can practice your scratch DJ skills.

5. D. Porthault has been purveying luxury linens for most of the last century to a clientele that has included Jackie Kennedy, Audrey Hepburn, and Sarah Jessica Parker. Expect to spend in the neighborhood of $1,400 for a queen sheet set. As if it’s not hard enough already to convince yourself to get out of bed!

6. Diptyque introduces three new candles to light up the holiday season: a limited edition collection which this year is dedicated to the olfactory attributes of trees. A thousand and one mysteries are released through the sweet oriental vapours of incense in the Oliban Scented Candle. The woody accents are set against fresh notes and balmy tones within this warm and soothing aromatic gem. $70.00

7. Our publisher was just in Turkey and fell in love with everything hammam. Your bathroom might not be a 16th century Ottomon vault, but these Turkish Bath Towels from Etsy will promote self care. $10.95

8. A membership to the International Wine of the Month Club will keep your palette guessing as you explore wine without borders. $35-$75 per month for two bottles.

9. The Hermes Avalon Knitted blanket in cashmere is perhaps the most luxurious and soothing blanket you will every cuddle up with on family movie nights. $3,535.00

10. Tea is the new wine. Connoisseurs are discovering a puer tea Zao Xiang Xiao Shu Tuo from Seven Cups Fine Teas. $7.90/50g

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