On day for of our Twelve Days of Christmas Gifts we are lightening up a tad, with gifts that amuse. I’ve been giggling all day!

1. It is time for the Comedy Album to make a comeback. And no matter what your favorite one was, Bob Newhart, George Carlin, Cheech & Chong, National Lampoon, Steve Martin, Eddie Murphy or Lily Tomlin. There is a big pot of laughter gold when a beloved and classic, timeless comedy album is the gift. We are also SNL junkies and season 5 was a classic.

2. The Beardski Ski Mask provides a humorous way to stay warm during your trips down the slopes. It measures six inches long and features adjustable flaps so it fits all sizes. The mask is made with thermal fleece and a vented neoprene mouth and chin piece. It is water resistant and adds a humorous flair to any ski ensemble. All three men in my house have added this to their gift list… On Sale: $28.80

3. Darth Vader’s head is now a toaster and burns the words STAR WARS into your bread. The force is now with us.  Think Geek $49.99

4. Whimsical, culinary delight! Snag a signed print of hand-drawn “La Grande Party de Boules” Giclée Menu by chef and artist Jacques Pepin. $115.00

5. Tortilla Baby swaddle: The soft layers of this cotton-blend tortilla swaddle and cap keep baby cuddled and irresistibly cute.

6. Snowtime Anytime Snowballs give the family a great excuse to bring the fight indoors with non-slushy, crunchy faux snowballs. $29.99

7. The Build on Brick Mug helps refocus your mind during every coffee break… just don’t forget to get back to work. $15.92

8. Amuse Bouche: In the Sonoran Desert, sunny days and chilly nights signal the time of year when the family gathers in a seasonal tradition of making handmade green corn tamales for the upcoming Christmas holiday. The effort is a labor intensive expression of love and a ritual that is passed down through families from generation to generation. For Tucsonans, it is not Christmas without the flavor of sweet green corn and fire roasted chile.

When tamales are made by culinary masters, the results are pillow soft, fluffy bundles of holiday love enrobed in corn husks. Sharing the gift of Green Corn Tamales for Christmas is traditional and now made superb and simple thanks to the very best Tamales I have ever tasted from Tucson Tamale Company. The traditional Christmas Classic Gift Box is what I endorse and recommend. They are simply delicious. 

9. The Big Bang Theory enjoys cult status, and with good reason. The coolest BBT gift idea this year is the Big Bang Theory Lego SetI derived a significant amount of amusement in building this with my kids who call me a nerd for loving this show so much. They are correct on this one. $59.95

10. You suck at Parking Cards. 8.22 / 10 cards

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