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10 DIY Advent Calendars You Can Make At Home From Pinterest

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10 DIY Advent Calendars You Can Make At Home From Urban Mommies

Don’t you just love Christmas? The excitement, the anticipation, the magic in your children’s eyes as they imagine what they’ll find under the Christmas tree on Christmas morning?

We decided to help you with your Christmas countdown fun by curating our favourite DIY Advent Calendars from Pinterest.

1. DIY Magnetic Tin Advent Calendar from Makoodle

2. Colourful Forest Advent Calendar from Love From Ginger

3. DIY Modern Advent Calendar from The Sweet Escape

4. No Sew Reusable Branches Advent Calendar from Design Mom

5. Muffin Tin Advent Calendar by Doodle Bug Blog

6. DIY Lego Advent Calendar from Frugal Fun 4 Boys

7. Mini Stocking Advent Calendar from Trillium Design

8. Bright and Colourful Advent Calendar from Love My Dress

9. Toilet Paper Tube Advent Calendar from Modern Creativity

10. DIY Wall Chart Advent Calendar from The Painted Hive Advent-Calendars-You-Can-Make-At-Home-from-UM.png


An Antidote for Lego Addiction: Renting and Returning Lego

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Lego SetAs a mom whose children had a slight addition to Lego, I know how difficult it can be to stick to a toy budget when your child covets a certain set.  Or ten. Worse still, they assemble it in a day (ok maybe not the Deathstar) and soonafter, the new items get played with and broken.  We’ve just discovered Pleygo, a Netflix-like rental service for Lego sets.

Pleygo is a new service which provides kids and adults unlimited access to the world of Lego at a minimal cost.  By renting and returning Lego sets, parents save money and kids continue to be excited and long for the new set that comes in the mail.  Life skills such as creativity, fine-motor and sequencing are enhanced and I’m willing to bet that my summer tech-timeout challenge will be a tad easier once I subscribe! There are plans for Unlimited Lego sets for 3, 6 or even 12 months.  



Wonderlab by Toys R Us

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Wonderlab by Toys R UsIt was with delight that my boys and I discovered the new Wonderlab by Toys R Us location at 1331 Marine Drive in North Vancouver, BC.  It was with even greater delight that the Star Wars Lego was on sale and the Deathstar was in stock.  Following in the direction of Mastermind that has 23 outlets with one to come in Calgary, Toys R Us is now opening stores specifically for learning toys.  The stores carry a unique assortment of products that promote learning, discovery, creativity, exploration and role play.  I’m all over the costumes myself, and must say that it was a pleasure to be able to walk into a toy store with a ‘yes’ attitude as I knew the kids would benefit from what we would discover inside.

Clean up Fast with the Toydozer

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Lego and Blocks.  Two of the world’s best inventions and also the bane of parents everywhere.  The vacuum gets clogged, you are constantly stepping on tiny pieces and the worst – Mommy – Where is my guy’s head!?  The Toydozer is like a huge dustpan/shovel that makes cleaning up the carpet much more efficient.  Scrape everything into the dozer with the removable flap, and spend more time laughing and less time searching for heads!  Now all you need is a bin big enough to dump it all in.