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Clean home with pets

How To Keep Your House Clean When You Have Pets

tech, wash By March 20, 2023 No Comments

Keeping a clean house when you have pets can be a challenge. Having a cat or dog is such an amazing part of childhood for our kids, but cleaning up after them can be a pain, especially if you entertain regularly like we do. We try to keep the house ready for unexpected guests and that means being proactive to stop messes before they start. Here are our best tips:

Gifts for Dad from his Daughter

Gifts for Dad from his Daughter

fitness, GEAR, tech By June 6, 2021 1 Comment

As a daughter with only a basic understanding of the XY set, trying to find the perfect gift for the Dad who has, literally, everything can be a challenge.  We scoured the malls, boutiques and the internet to come up with the top 5 items that ANY Urban Daddy would be proud to call his very own.

Photo Editing Skills

School Break Idea: Everyone Can Create

GEAR, tech By April 13, 2021 No Comments
If you’re like my family in Ontario, we are stuck in lockdown during the April Break that was supposed to be in March. It’s raining. The kids have no schedule. Parenting wins are non-existent. Here’s one idea that could help fill a bit of time with some new skills and education. (If you can tear them away from Minecraft/COD/TikTok.) Everyone Can Create is a series of free digital books from Apple. You download them from your Books tab, and instead of the boring, monotonous courses on how to use an app, how to make a movie or mix music, you do it through doing rather than watching someone else do it.
Zoom background ideas

The Zoom Background Ideas you NEED Right Now

GEAR, tech By April 6, 2020 No Comments

I had a therapy appointment yesterday and started to have fun with Zoom backgrounds. Cue: the Friends sofa!! As we all sit down for virtual drinks and dinner parties, some of my tech-savvy friends are going over the top on backgrounds. My humour is beginning to morph but it’s keeping me busy and amused during hard times. Here are the Zoom background ideas you need right now. Just make sure you know how to change them so you’re not like the executive who changed herself into a potato and couldn’t figure out how to switch back to herself while on a work call.

Yo-Kai Watch

My Son is Obsessed with a Video Game. So I am Too.

GEAR, tech By October 4, 2019 1 Comment

People talk about how kids obsessed with a video game are robbed of their childhoods. There are countless articles out there about how terrible technology is for children. This isn’t one of them. We’re a tech forward family. My husband and I both have jobs that rely on technology in some way and I’ve always been a gadget geek.

My son learned about Yo-Kai Watch last year. Grade 1 was rough for him. He felt isolated in school, made few friends and was picked on. He really connected to the story of the Yo-Kai and their friend Nate and we got the game for his Nintendo 3DS.


5 Hilarious Signs Your Kid Might Be Using Your Phone Too Much

FAM, tech By September 28, 2019 No Comments

We’ve all handed our phones over to quiet down an antsy child in line. Sometimes the easiest answer is the right answer in the moment and a little Candy Crush never hurt anyone. The ends justify the means, no judgement here. We totally get it.  While a little bit of screen time isn’t the end of the world, kids often fall in love with their parents’ mobile devices and it can spell (humorous) trouble. Here are five hilarious signs your kid might be using your phone just a little bit too much:


Stop Motion Video: Non-Stop Fun!

tech By June 19, 2019 No Comments

My son doesn’t enjoy writing very much but he does love making video. He is such an expressive, creative little person and he’s always looking for new ways to express himself on video. He transformed our front door into a backdrop, making his name out of tin foil shapes and adding an approximation of the silver play button he hopes to receive one day for all his hard work. He recently received Stikbot Studio Pro and 2 Stikbot Pet Singles to help him in his video production efforts for his Youtube channel. 

2018 Geeky Gift Guide

2018 Geeky Gift Guide

GEAR, tech By November 14, 2018 No Comments

I’m a very proud, self-professed Geek. I’m not a natural talent, but working hard to improve my prowess. The items herein are all those I covet, and just like a few of our other guides, I may just have to make a second one as the holiday season goes along. A few of the items contain affiliate links, which support the website and our team should you choose to purchase through them. If you have any more suggestions for our 2018 Geeky Gift Guide please add them in the comments!


Which Came First: The Book or The Movie

tech By February 28, 2018 No Comments

I love to read and I love to watch Netflix. A lot of shows and movies were based on really great books. It’s hard to know whether it’s better to read a book first or see the movie adaptation, or if one ruins the other or makes it better. Are you excited to find more details in the book, or disappointed they were left out of the movie? Whichever your preference, this is a list of movie and TV adaptations of books that you can find on Netflix: