mom-blogger-influencersToo many parents have trouble remembering their passions and yet happy parents help children thrive. Math can be taught just as easily at a Parisian museum as it can by using flashcards (how is that for an excuse to jet to France?)

The UrbanMommies Philosophy

At UrbanMommies we want moms to know that taking care of the soul as well as the family isn’t selfish! We also want to help you create a savvy, luxury family lifestyle without breaking the bank. It’s all about being resourceful, and making choices that will last. My designer luggage from 20 years ago is still in better shape than the budget version my husband purchased every year without fail.

Our team of mom blogger influencers have true connections with their audiences. They are able to share your message with their trusted friends in meaningful ways. These impactful conversations get your products into more hands.

UrbanMommies is a lifestyle magazine passionate about partnering with brands who have a vision of truly living life – being mindful of moments and showing our children our own joy.

Live Definition

From charitable giving to high fashion, luxury travel and exquisite food, we explore each aspect of a life well lived.

Partnering With Mom Bloggers + Influencers

A staple in online media, writers at UrbanMommies have tremendous experience communicating with our readers, viewers, podcast listeners and social media followers. Our network of 40+ influencers is adept at weaving brand messaging through stories in order to educate while working hard to entertain.

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We offer a wide range of services, including sponsored campaigns, gift guides, social media events, twitter parties (with a minimum guarantee of impressions) as well as video and audio broadcasting, live events and media exposure.

We are based in Canada, however the majority of our readers reside in the United States. You can find our mailing address here.

Average Statistics (at January 2018):

Pageviews: 140,000/month
Instagram: 5400
Twitter: 24K
Facebook: 5800
Pinterest: 5100

If you are interested in working with the UrbanMommies community or Jill Amery, please contact us at jill at urbanmommies dot com. We look at every opportunity as a way to build a unique program that provides the most potent delivery of your brand messages, while delighting and entertaining our readers. We provide full reporting for our clients. And if we don’t over-deliver we have trouble sleeping at night.

Previous Campaign Examples

A Sparkling Dinner Party with Cascade
Ugly Holiday Sweater Campaign for Sport Check
Back to School TV Appearance for Staples (Aug. 22, 2016)
Event hosting for Poise Impressa
Hallowe’en Giveaway Campaign for Duracell
A podcast about Lyme Disease
A review of Nintendo’s Splatoon

Testimonials from our Readers

  • “This website has helped us conceive again.. its layout is easy to understand.. and the recipes are amazing my 6 year old loves them and i let her help pick what is for dinner.. thank you :)”  – Megan Harvey
  • “Love the recipes! And the clean, easily organized design of the site is super.”  – Taylor Borisoff
  • “Most definitely the straight-forward product reviews…tested by real, honest Moms.”  – Deanne Frere
  • “I do love the newsletters with the highlights of new articles, new reviews, etc. I am often too busy to just cruise my favorite websites, so getting the emails is a reminder and a tease to go check out the articles.”  – Tanya Mack
  • “I love the sophisticated flair and the ease of use of the site. I also love the contests!”  Monica Grodski
  • “I love how there are so many different topics, whatever stage you are at in motherhood you can find advice on, including twins (which I have).”  – Debra Moore
  • “I love how easy it is to navigate, and I love that you include articles that talk about the mother’s health as well. Too many parenting magazines seem to focus directly and exclusively on the children, and I think that it’s important that the mother stay in good mental and physical health to be able to be the best parent possible.Plus, I love that the advertisements you have on the site are really ones that apply to me! I love finding new products.”  – Kayla
  • “I love the color/motif of your site; it’s easy to browse.” – Lino Trino

Whether you are looking to promote your business, a new product, drive and increase sales, or create brand awareness, UrbanMommies Media is able to facilitate a variety of advertising needs.

You can ask us about:

– Advertising
– Event Sponsorship
– Product Review / Giveaways
– Creative Custom Promotional Campaigns
– Conference or Event Sponsorship
– Press Junkets
– Spokespeople / ambassadors
– Travel Destination Reviews
– Consulting services
– Social media campaigns

NOTE: We do not accept compensation for any reviews on UrbanMommies. All reviews are strictly determined by the editorial staff and are separate from any paid advertising or affiliate programs on the site.  Any posts on behalf of sponsors are clearly disclosed.