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Most Recent Top Baby Names in Canada

baby, FAM By January 17, 2024 No Comments

This information is directly from Statistics Canada, who now has an amazing searchable database called the Baby Names Observatory. It lets parents see name trends as well as popularity. The most recent year that baby names in Canada were chronicled is 2022, and we will be sure to update readers with more current data when it is available.


National Cupcake Day (with a ‘Pupcake’ Recipe!)

EAT, FAM, family meals, pets By January 8, 2024 1 Comment

Given that my dog just sort of got impounded (it wasn’t my fault)… I thought I should do a shout out to the SPCA! Especially if it’s called National Cupcake Day. National Cupcake Day is on February 26th, a fundraising effort supporting animal welfare societies across Canada. It’s easy and delicious to participate. Register your participation online at: Plan a cupcake party at work, home or school; start fundraising by encouraging friends and family to donate online in advance; bake your favourite cupcakes; share them with family and friends; and collect donations to prevent cruelty to animals.


Pregnancy Wheel

FAM, pregnancy By September 22, 2023 Tags: , , , , , , , , 1 Comment

Pregnancy is all about timing and it can get complicated. When will you ovulate? When will you conceive? At what rate does the fetus grow? When is your due date? There’s a lot going on and it can be overwhelming keeping track of all the dates. Fortunately there is a “Pregnancy Wheel” available to help you keep track of all the important dates and stages of your pregnancy. The wheels are interactive tools that you turn to match the dates of your menstrual cycle and more. Once the wheel is lined up to your specific dates, they provide valuable information predicting the dates of pregnancy milestones.


Pregnancy and Fall Fashion Trends

FAM, pregnancy By September 9, 2023 3 Comments

After a gorgeous luncheon last week with Lisa Tant, Editor-in-Chief of Flare Magazine, it was time to transfer inspiration into a revamp of the closet.  Hosted at Vancouver’s Wear Else, I was in a mecca of fashion, and all I wanted to do was hit the changing rooms.  The first fall season while I haven’t been pregnant or attempting to drop baby weight, and, as luck would have it, it’s a particularly stellar year for pregnancy and postpartum dressing.  Gone are the gladiator sandals, the cut-off tights and the butt/thigh-hugging shirts (thank you very much).


Hypnobirth: A Relaxing and Empowering Way to Give Birth

baby, FAM By February 5, 2023 No Comments

Hypnobirth is a childbirth method that uses self-hypnosis techniques to help women relax and manage the pain of labor. It is based on the belief that childbirth can be a natural, gentle, and empowering experience, rather than a painful and traumatic one. Hypnobirth can be used in any type of birth, including vaginal, cesarean, and home births. In this article, we will explore what hypnobirth is, how it works, and its benefits.

No Bite Is Right

No Flea or Tick Bite is Right!

FAM, pets By January 25, 2023 Tags: , , , , , , , , , No Comments

There’s a lot of talk in the world about diseases and viruses being spread by mosquitos and other insects, and one of those concerns is actually right here, in Canada, but this time it’s our four-legged friends who are at risk. No flea or tick bite is right for these beloved friends.


Acts of Kindness: Treat a Single Mom on Mother’s Day

FAM, self By May 5, 2022 2 Comments

This Mother’s Day I’ll probably celebrate in the usual way. I’ll sleep in. Around 11am I’ll be gently awakened to the aroma of chai tea at my bedside. There will be cards from my kids and husband and I’ll receive flowers and gifts, surrounded by family. After that, I’ll take several hours for myself and get a mani-pedi or relax with a book—whatever I want. But it wasn’t always like this. I’ve been a mom for almost 19 years, and for the first half of that, I was a single mom. Mother’s Day used to look very different then.

choosing the right sunscreen for your family

Choosing the best sunscreen for your family

FAM, health By April 1, 2022 6 Comments

Choosing the best sunscreen for your family isn’t easy. The number of brands – new and old – packing the shelves seems endless and researchers are constantly churning out new findings on what ingredients are deemed ‘good’ and ‘bad’ for our health. For safe, effective protection for your family, here are 7 tips to keep in mind when choosing your sunscreen this summer.