ovulation predictor toolOur ovulation predictor is a useful tool to help with planning a family. Please note that ovulation can vary based on stress, sleep, irregular menstrual cycles and many other factors. It is useful to use this tool in conjunction with learning about how your body works, and noting the signs within yourself that ovulation is approaching. You can find out more about this in our articles on conception and early pregnancy signs.

In using the ovulation calculator, you should know the length of your menstrual cycle and the day of your last period. Before you try any home pregnancy test, we have a how-to article so you don’t waste one!

A Roundup of 3 Ovulation Predictor Tools and Calculators

There are rumours out there that our ancestors used things like phases of the moon, the height of the corn in the fields, how fast milk curdled and even expression on a Billy goat’s face to know when they were ovulating. (OK, we admit it. We made the last two up; but you get our drift).

We suspect that it’s more realistic that families trees are likely crowded due to more of a “spray and pray” method that a “plot and plan” when it comes to predicting ovulation during the olden days.

These days’ women have the benefit of using modern day medical advancements to truly get a handle on fertility thanks to options like over-the-counter ovulation predictors. Like any product, these predictors come in different shapes, sizes, price points and have varying opinions on accuracy. Here is a quick overview and wrap-up of some of the best ovulation predictors on the market:

First Response Daily Digital Ovulation Test: Claims to be 99% accurate and their easy-to read digital “yes” and “no” indicators pretty much take the guesswork out of things. This little dandy will also set you back about 40 smackers, but this “kit” comes with one digital reader and 20 test sticks.

ClearBlue Advanced Digital Ovulation Test: Also boasts a 99% accuracy rate but is a favourite among those hard-core planners because, instead of just a day or two advance notice of your most fertile days, this test typically gives you a four-day window. Also easy to use thanks to the flashing smiley face that appears during the high fertile days leading up to ovulation. This icon then turns to a solid smiley when users reach peak fertility. Price point is around $30 for ten sticks.

Wondfo LH Ovulation Test Strips: For those who are looking for the convenience of an ovulation predictor without a big price tag. Wondfo LH Ovulation Test Strips are a fan favorite. The downside is that the process is not as refined as some of the other predictors on the market. Users need to urinate into a cup, dip the paper strip in it for three to five seconds and results will appear around five minutes later. If a test line that’s as dark as or darker than the control line appears, the user knows that they will be ovulating within the next 24 to 48 hours. This test is ideal if you think you’ll be testing a lot. Wondfo is available on Amazon and offers 50 strips for around $21.

** Disclaimer:  Please do not exclusively use these tools for planning or preventing pregnancy.  Ovulation can vary, and results will depend on the accuracy of the length of your cycle. This post may contain affiliate links to help support the work we do.