Pregnancy is all about timing and it can get complicated. When will you ovulate? When will you conceive? At what rate does the fetus grow? When is your due date? There’s a lot going on and it can be overwhelming keeping track of all the dates. Fortunately there is a “Pregnancy Wheel” available to help you keep track of all the important dates and stages of your pregnancy. The wheels are interactive tools that you turn to match the dates of your menstrual cycle and more. Once the wheel is lined up to your specific dates, they provide valuable information predicting the dates of pregnancy milestones.

Urban Mommies has found two great paper pregnancy wheels you can order online:

The Pregnancy Wheel and Ovulation Calculator

by FertilAid and available on
Pictured above, this wheel is great for women trying to conceive and women who are already pregnant. It is adjustable for different menstrual cycle lengths, a unique feature. It can be used to predict fertility with an ovulation calendar and includes ovulation, peak fertility, implantation, when to test for pregnancy and when your missed period will be, well, missed. It also includes a chart for fetal weight and length by week and other pregnancy milestones. The wheel also suggests what points during the pregnancy you should visit the doctor for specific tests and check-ups. This wheel is $8.50 at

The Personal Pregnancy Calculator and Fetal Development Charting Wheel

This easy to use wheel automatically calculates your due date and provides great info on physical symptoms and “discomforts” and pregnancy development milestones. There’s also a weekly chart for fetal growth and development. The makers of this wheel report that pregnancy is about 38 weeks in length but most doctors use the Naegele Rule of 10 lunar months or 9 calendar months (40 weeks). With this rule, the due date is 9 months + 7 days (280 days) after the first day of your last normal period. This pregnancy prediction kit is $6.50 and is available at the craigmedical website.

Urban Mommies also found two great electronic pregnancy wheel applications for your phone:

iPhone “The Wheel” – ($5.99 US) : a gestational age calculator, this application also calculates your due date based on the date of your last period or another “known date” such as the date of an ultrasound measurement. It also includes a fetal development calendar. Available in 5 languages, it also includes a lunar calendar.

For more about conception and pregnancy visit our pregnancy page.

-Danica Longair
With additional reporting by Jill Amery, CEO

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