Once upon a time there was an earth goddess who blessed everyone with a love of nature and peace.  Or maybe just a little girl who loves white dresses and crowns. This DIY earth goddess costume is easy, effective and warm!


– grapevine wreath
– plastic leaf garland
– plastic white flowers
– 1 m silver ribbon for a belt
– 2 m while fabric
– plastic apple
– scissors
– needle and thread


1.  Fold fabric in half (turned inside-out)
2. Cut a neck hole in the top crease of the fabric.
3.  Cut away rectangles of fabric to make the silhouette of a dress.  We made arms that were wider at the wrist.
4.  Sew up sides of ‘dress’.
5.  Turn right side out and tie with the silver ribbon at the waist.


1. Pull leave and plastic flowers off of their stems and weave through the grapevine wreath.
2.  Place on head.

We shot this costume with Silvia Simpson of Silvia Photography.

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