Just in case you were worried that Starbucks was in need of more advertising and wanted to lend a hand… we have an easy DIY Starbucks cup costume idea for you.  It’s warm, perfect for hiding tons of candy and is so cute that your kids might actually get an extra haul…

The DIY Starbucks Cup Costume


– 1.5 metres of the thickest white fabric you can find.  We went to the ‘industrial’ section in the fabric store.
– 1 package of quilting batten (use it to make a quilt later)
– 1 metre of green ribbon
– white thread
– a brown paper yard waste bag
– a colour printer
– duct tape
– safety pins


1.  Roll the fabric into a funnel (cup) shape with a large enough opening at the bottom so that your child can walk comfortably.
2.  pin the fabric together at the top and bottom seam and sew a few sturdy stitches with a machine or needle.
3.  Pine two pieces of green ribbon to be used as straps for the cup.  Sewing these on by hand will improve durability of the costume.
4.  Carefully cut the brown yard wast bag so that it forms the cupholder.  This will have to be done in a semi-circle to ensure the top and bottom are parallel to the cup edges.
5.  Source a Starbucks logo on the internet, increase the size and print with a colour printer.
6.  Use duct tape to affix the craft paper and logo, hiding the seams.
7.  After your child puts the costume, fill the cup with the batten ‘foam’.
8.  Enjoy the coffee break!

Photo courtesy of Silvia Photography

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