One of our simplest Hallowe’en ideas, the DIY Scarecrow costume takes only minutes and produces great effect.  There’s also raffia for you to use later in wrapping presents!

The DIY Scarecrow Costume


– Duct Tape (but of course)
– Slightly too-short trousers
– plaid shirt with collar
– Vest (if you don’t have one you could make one out of a dark tea towel or piece of fabric.  Simply cut in a life jacket shape.
– Hat
– Raffia


1.  Turn pants and shirt inside out and tape raffia around the foot holes, wrist and neck area.
2.  Turn right-side-out and have the scarecrow put on the clothes.  Stuff extra raffia in button holes and anywhere lacking and tape in place.
3.  Hat on.
4.  Done.

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