I will admit – the DIY Tin man costume is not the easiest.  But it’s warm, move-able and super fun!  You also have the option of a no-sew version.  Enter the duct tape.


– 1 sheet Silver cardboard
– 1 silver hoop earring
– 2m industrial insulating fabric – silver on one side and white batting on the other
– scissors
– needle and thread
– silver duct tape
– silver face paint


1. There are 2 ways to do this one – no-sew (duct tape) or with thread.  Either way, you must start by cutting two legs out of the fabric.
2. Cut a ‘tunic’ shape that will fit around your child with a semicircle for the neck.
3.  Cut two arms.
4.  This is the fun part.  Sew or TAPE the legs and arms together.  The will be able to be slipped on piece by piece.
5.  Next, tape the tunic closed so the child can pull it on over the head.
6. When all pieces are on their body, tape them together so that they tape can be removed to get the costume on and off. (They need to wear it at school and then again for trick or treating)


1. Make a cone from the cardboard and tape shut.
2. Insert the hoop earring as an oil can handle.
3. Roll a piece of cardboard for the nose and attach to nose with tape, putty or string.

We shot this costume with Silvia Simpson of Silvia Photography.

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