This is one of our favourites from the creativity and photo session.  The diy halloween candyman costume is inspired, easy, and all of the kids who saw it wanted to wear it.  No small part due to the giant lollypop.


– White Shirt
– Red ribbon for neck bow
– Giant Lollypop
– A candy-collecting tin or pail
– 1 m red and white fabric
– needle and thread
– elastic for a waistband


1.  Measure around your child’s waist and cut enough elastic to fit, stretching it only slightly.  The fabric should be about 2 1/2 times the length of the elastic.
2. Create a seam wide enough to fit the elastic along the top of the fabric, lengthwise.
3. Thread elastic trough seam (a safety pin at one end makes it easy to hold on to.
4.  Sew elastic at either end of fabric so it doesn’t retract through.  (Fabric will be bunched.)
5.  Sew up the short ends of the fabric so that you have a skirt.
6.  Depending on your preference you can leave it a skirt or sew a few stitches between the legs to make shorts.  Voila!

We shot this costume with Silvia Simpson of Silvia Photography.

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