Our little mummy loved getting wrapped and tucked.  This easy DIY mummy costume took about 30 minutes and packed a punch. You could stain the cloth with black tea, but chances are that it will get pretty dirty (and chocolate covered) all on its own Hallowe’en night…

The Easy DIY Mummy Costume

– 3-4m tearable white muslin or other inexpensive fabric.
– a baselayer of white tights/pants and long-sleeved shirt for warmth and to use to tuck the cloth.
– white duct tape


1.  Cut a snip in the edge of the fabric and tear.  It will form a straight edge and save time from cutting the whole strip.
2.  When the strips are ready, begin at the feet and begin to wrap your mummy so that walking is comfortable.  Remember it needn’t be tidy.  Tie, pin and tuck where you must.
3.  Leave holes for eyes and mouth and take some white duct tape out with your child in case of repairs!

Photo: Silvia Photography

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