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Allergy-Friendly School Snacks

EAT, lunches By September 7, 2021 80 Comments

This morning I made the school lunches and then opened my son’s backpack only to find a note stating that in addition to nuts, there was a severe allergy in his class that prevents me from packing any food containing cooked or un-cooked eggs. No meatballs, pancake bites, egg-containing breads or pizza dough. I can totally handle the restrictions but I feel so very sorry for all families that must deal with scary allergies. It’s a tough world we live in, and I can’t imagine the level of anxiety the child and parents feel trusting other parents to pack egg-free lunches in order to be safe in the classroom.

5 Reasons You Should Pack a Waste-Free Lunch

5 Reasons You Should Pack a Waste-Free Lunch

EAT, lunches By August 21, 2019 Tags: , , , , , , , , , 4 Comments

Back to school means back to a routine, back to feeling crazy busy and back to packing lunches. Aside from the daily content question of what to pack, have you given much thought to how you’re packing your lunches? A waste-free lunch by definition is one that contains no throwaway packaging or food leftovers. In terms of lunch gear products, re-usability is the number one factor when packing a waste-free lunch. A second factor, critical for your child’s health, is non-toxicity and a final factor to consider is durability. If you’re going to invest in reusable lunch gear, it makes sense to ensure it’s made to last. It also makes sense to encourage your child’s input on colours and patterns to encourage them to pack up their reusables for taking home.


Healthy Spring Quinoa Bowls

EAT, eat, FAM, family meals, grow, health, holidays, LIVE, lunches, nourish, pregnancy, self By May 21, 2019 No Comments

Diala’s Kitchen is one of my favourite new food blog obsessions and after getting gluttonous on the (terrible, curse on whoever invented this) “Eat What You Want Day” with a bowl of popcorn to carry me through from breakfast to lunch, an inhaled curry pad thai for dinner, and half a huge bag of dark choc almonds to follow—let’s just say that I woke up this morning hungover, overcome with guilt, and looking to redeem myself.

Diala to the rescue with a dish that’s fresh, healthy, totally yummy, and makes me feel like I might not have to wear a T-shirt over my swimsuit during baby swimming lessons this summer.

Lunchbox Notes

Lunchbox Notes to Combat School Anxiety

EAT, lunches By March 1, 2018 2 Comments

It’s every parent’s biggest worry. Will they have so much fun at school they don’t want to come home? OK maybe not the BIGGEST, but it still ranks up there. Especially if your kids have some anxiety about leaving you or being in school, a developmentally-appropriate lunchbox note can go a long way. Before they are reading, familiar images or photographs can be great. I can’t wait to start sending Shakespeare verses once my boys get older… I’m sure they will be SO thrilled with that!!

toonies for tummies

Toonies for Tummies

EAT, lunches By January 12, 2018 No Comments

What’s a toonie? Like canoeing, Gord Downie and striped blankets, it’s a quintessential symbol Canadian pride. Many of us take such a ‘small’ sum for granted. Individually they may slip under car mats and between sofa cushions, but gather a bunch of them together, and they can completely change lives. 1.1 MILLION lives. As parents, we get thoroughly annoyed when our littlerless lunches return home containing untouched food. Not only have we purchased and prepared these delicacies, but we know that learning is enhanced when tummies are full.

Laughing Cow

Confession: It Really Can Be Easy Being Cheesy

EAT, lunches, snacks By October 17, 2016 No Comments

You’re going to think this is silly, but I have a recurring fantasy about snacking with a cow. I know, this is a seriously cheesy confession, but I have to be honest. For a while now I have been fixated on The Laughing Cow Cheese Dippers.

It all started in the last few days of summer. I innocently packed up a cooler full of snacks to take to our local park. Knowing all the kids would be running through the sprinklers, I skipped sandwiches and chips, loading up instead on fruits, veggies, hummus, and various snack-type cheeses.

back-to-school snack hacks

Back-to-School Snack Hacks (and lunches that look hard, but cook easy!)

EAT, lunches By August 31, 2016 3 Comments

Advertisers prove again and again that one thing in life is certain: Kids like gimmicks. And maybe moms can learn something from the people whose research proves that every new tickle-me-product or beany-whatsit has million dollar potential in the “mommy I need this” department.

It’s back to school time and our little fuss-monsters are already secretly gearing up to object to/trade/outright discard their lunches and snacks. But this year we’ll one up them, by getting creative and making healthy lunches fun. (We’re also going to make them easy and time-saving because come September, moms have enough on our plates.) So here are some quick ideas, tips, and snack hacks for our favourite moms as you prepare to head back into the kitchen.


Storytelling Through Food for Picky Eaters

EAT, lunches By August 23, 2016 1 Comment

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Maybe it’s the June doldrums after months of school lunches and shuttling from soccer practice to skiing with grumpy, tired kids who seem less than appreciative. Maybe I’m in a rut trying to feed the boys creative, healthy foods with constant resistance. Or maybe parenting it just hard. I think that is probably it.

Winning lunch box wars with Quaker

Finally, A Lunchbox War You Will Win

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Take a walk down memory lane with me, won’t you? It’s the end of August (or perhaps July, depending on where you live). The new school year is fast approaching and you are STOKED, my friend. Because, while your summer break was all sorts of wonderful, you and your kids are SO READY to get back to your routine.