Advertisers prove again and again that one thing in life is certain: Kids like gimmicks. And maybe moms can learn something from the people whose research proves that every new tickle-me-product or beany-whatsit has million dollar potential in the “mommy I need this” department.

It’s back to school time and our little fuss-monsters are already secretly gearing up to object to/trade/outright discard their lunches and snacks. But this year we’ll one up them, by getting creative and making healthy lunches fun. (We’re also going to make them easy and time-saving because come September, moms have enough on our plates.) So here are some quick ideas, tips, and snack hacks for our favourite moms as you prepare to head back into the kitchen.

Back To School Shortcuts & Timesavers

  • Monday to Friday, mix-and-match snack options: Prepare cut fruit, dried foods, cut up cheese and make granola yogurt bar on Sunday and store in the fridge for the week.
  • Create a stacked rainbow array of pre-filled sealed clear cups of good stuff for grab-and-go mornings.
  • Pre-assembled jars of DIY muffin mix are your best friend at 7am
  • Smoothie Packs For No-Brainer Mornings

Back to School Snack Ideas

Smoothie Packs

Lunch Box 2.0

You want them to smile at what they will find. A fun and colourful lunch kit will thrill the kids. Adding lunchbox notes will ease the separation anxiety and boost confidence. Display: tools to make lunches fun, great lunchboxes filled with the ideas below and snack bags.

  • Sushi with colourful kid-friendly chopsticks found in most Chinatowns
  • Skewers with fruit or ham and cheese and pretzel sandwich kebabs
  • Wrapped sandwiches tied up with string – it’s like getting a present for lunch
  • Lunch muffins using homemade muffin mix
  • Use various shapes of cookie cutters to make adorable, crustless sandwiches

Sandwich Skewers


Sushi Fruit Skewer Bento

SuperSnacks (They’re so cool, your kids will forget they’re healthy)

  • Celery, apple, PB snails
  • Pear and cheese mouse.
  • Cauliflower and olive sheep
  • Hotdog sea creatures
  • Hardboiled chicks

Pear Mice and Celery Caterpillars

Cauliflower Sheep

Hotdog Sea Animals

Egg Chicks

Lunch Tips and Snack Hacks

  • Use a snack cup or a mason jar to keep wet and dry separate
  • Make clothespin ‘butterflies’ to keep your snack bags together, but separate!
  • For a go-to hot lunch: put last night’s leftovers or soup in a thermos

Clothespeg butterflies

Snack Animals