Have you noticed that ‘momming’ is not only big business, but it has gained an increasing amount of sex appeal and glamour in the past decade?  Gone are the frumpy Moo Moos and demure floral prints in XL sizes that we were once expected to wear.  Enter the Yummy Mummy.  While some find this term derogatory, we have a very positive image of this fabulous woman.  Pregnancy is a time of change and can ground you firmly to your past and future.  Your body is beautiful as it grows.  You are special.  And you deserve to feel sexy and gorgeous.  Our Yummy Mummy Tips:

1.  Apply lip gloss.  All the time.
2.  Wear big jewelery, especially statement necklaces.
3.  Breathe.  Wrinkles will disappear and you’ll get grounded.
4.  Floss.  Good oral care is crucial during pregnancy and beyond.
5.  Lose the stilettos during pregnancy and while you’re slinging your new baby.  Treat yourself to a great pair of flat boots.
6.  Do some writing.  Expressing your feelings gives you a glow.
7.  Bathe with rose petals and fresh lavender.
8.  Look deeply into people’s eyes.  They have experience to share.
9.  Plant a seed and watch it grow.
10.  Pair bright colours with lots of black.
11.  Shawls and flowing sweaters add a touch of romance.
12.  You might not feel like having the same sex you used to.  Grab a Cosmo magazine and learn a few new tricks.
13.  Pedicures.  Often.
14.  If clean hair seems like a time-suck when you have a baby to care for, throw on a hat or wrap an Hermes scarf around your head.
15.  Read.  Just one quick poem a day could make you feel more connected.
16.  Get in control of your body.  Or at least strengthen the muscles you can.
17.  Ask for what you need.  If you can’t ask, then text.
18.  Play hookey.
19.  Make yourself a special playlist that makes you grin.

So throw on a pair of huge sunglasses, slide into a tight black dress and be proud of your expanding back and retained water.  For tips on dressing for pregnancy and transition, see our style section.