We’re quite sure that every woman who has ever had sex has wondered why her period may be late.  The most obvious reason, of course, is that you are pregnant.  But before you start shopping for strollers, remember that a woman’s body is affected by many things.  A few of these (in no particular order) are included below.  Have you had regular cycles or are you worried every month?  Tell us your stories in the comments section – sharing helps all of our readers. And here our our top reasons your period might be late.

1.  Stress
2. Dietary changes
3.  Changes in exercise levels
4.  Lack of sleep
5.  Resumption of menstruation after a time without
6.  Inconsistency or a change in birth control
7.  Intense emotion – death in the family, or falling in love
8.  Jetlag, time changes or a change in schedule
9.  Illness
10.  Changes in medications
11.  Being under or overweight
12.  Peri-menopause
13.  Menopause
14.  Pregnancy, baby.

In case you are still unsure, you can see also our very early signs of pregnancy and take a test.  Trust your body.  You know it better than anyone.  Our ovulation predictor may also be helpful.  Good luck, and you’d better take some folic acid, just in case.

– Jill Amery just loves it when her period is late.  It sets the imagination aflutter.