Many families dismiss the idea of hiring a nanny because they believe it is price prohibitive for them. However, hiring a nanny can be affordable. You just need to be aware what the factors are involved in a nannies salary. Here are some of the costs to think about. Where you live in the country will affect the base rate. ($8 – $15 per hour)

Do you need a nanny with an education degree? $3 extra per hour
Do you need a nanny to drive? $2 extra per hour
Do you need a nanny to cook? $2 per hour extra
Do you need a nanny to clean? $3 extra per hour
Do you need a nanny to family errands? $2 extra per hour

The above examples are estimates for a live out nanny, live in rates are different due to room and board. For a full time live out nanny who drives the kids to activities, helps with homework, cleans the house, picks up groceries and preps dinner, you can expect $20 – $25+ per hour. Having a nanny can still be affordable; you may just have to trim back some of your expectations.

Michelle Kelsey is the founder of Nannies On Call. In 2001, Michelle launched a small nanny referral service with one pager, five nannies and a determination to never find herself without reliable childcare. Nannies on Call now counts over 250 nannies, with offices in 4 cities.