My son doesn’t enjoy writing very much but he does love making video. He is such an expressive, creative little person and he’s always looking for new ways to express himself on video. He transformed our front door into a backdrop, making his name out of tin foil shapes and adding an approximation of the silver play button he hopes to receive one day for all his hard work. He recently received Stikbot Studio Pro and 2 Stikbot Pet Singles to help him in his video production efforts for his Youtube channel. 


He had a blast sitting on the patio making magic with the little figurines and stage. He likes stop motion because he loves taking pictures with his phone. He found the tripod helpful but his old style Samsung phone was a bit heavy to be optimal for use together. He used his step-dad’s phone on it because the size was a better fit and it worked like a charm. Something else he loved was how flexible the Stikbot characters are for posing, there were endless options and it kept him busy for quite a while so I could get things done around the house. He was happy as a clam making video and after he wanted to know what other types of animals Stikbot carried and could we get them please?

He had a lot of fun playing with the Stikbots and wants to continue with stop motion video now that he understands how it all works. He loves doing research on new video techniques so this was just the thing to enrich his summer and transform his screen time from passive watching to active production.

Alison Tedford is a Canadian freelance writer and mom. She documents her journeys in parenting, mental health and fitness on her blog Sparkly Shoes and Sweat Drops.