As progressive as I think I am…. some traditions have become the norm, and I have never even questioned whether or not there are other ways to do things. Making macaroni and cheese, for instance (not from scratch).. I have done it the exact same way for years – butter first and then milk. Painting my nails – left before right. Unloading the dishwasher – glasses and then cutlery. Old habits. Some may be the best way for me to tackle them, while in other cases, methods may have progressed over time, and I have simply not noticed.

In buying or upgrading a mobile phone, I have always done it the same way. I call my provider every couple of years to chat about my plan, ask if there is an upgrade available for my account, and voila! A phone comes through the mail and I spend hours trying to figure out how to use it. When the glass inevitably shatters, I search around for a store to fix it, and yet feel immeasurably lost because I haven’t formed a relationship with any one place.

best-buy-mobileOne Stop Shop

I had never shopped at Best Buy for mobile phones, but when my son, an avid photographer, gamer and self-professed vlogger, needed a device, we ventured to the mobile department. Not only is Best Buy a one stop shop that carries different brands of phones, but their unbiased mobile specialists can connect to any Canadian provider directly from their terminals. For many consumers, this is a great feature because different providers have regular promotions and specials.

Unlocked and Prepaid Phones

Once a phone isn’t the newest one on the block, Best Buy is allowed to offer the phones as stand-alone, unlocked items. This means that they are not connected to any one provider, and if you are on a contract currently, you can simply shift your SIM card from one phone to another. This is a great benefit if contracts seem stifling.

best-buy-mobile-teamMobile Phone Accessories

Ahh, the land of mobile accessories. Unlike waiting for a month when you order a case on the internet, the selection at Best Buy is fantastic. My sons are obsessed with ‘pop sockets’ (to easily vlog or take selfies) and when I couldn’t find one on the miles of available accessories, they actually gave them two promotional versions from one of the carriers. Bliss.

Trade-In Program

Is it just me or do you still own every phone you ever used? Well, except for my first brick flip phone. Remember those? Now at Best Buy Mobile, you can trade in your used phone for up to a $400 gift card. Plus, you can get an additional $50 off select phones with Telus, Rogers and Bell on a 2-year new or renewal plan.

samsung-s8The Geek Squad

For those customers who like added support, the Geek Squad helps you set up, repair and protect your tech. It’s also the quintessential, perfect gift for your aging parents. They might even teach them how to skype.

Early Upgrades

Choose Best Buy Mobile and UPGRADE early with NO CANCELLATION FEES. Early renewals are available for up to 6 months before an existing contract expires. They renew everyone – existing, new and returning customers.

unbox-your-phoneMy son chose the Samsung Galaxy S8 for a few big reasons. The borderless phone allows you to see images right up to the phone’s edges, it’s waterproof, and he is salivating about the Gear VR capabilities. And there is a whale on the ad. The 8MP front-facing camera with smart auto focus and facial recognition makes it a breeze to snap selfies (lord help us all), and you can actually record video at 4k! The icing on the cake, so to speak, is the iris eye scanner that allows him to look like a spy in front of friends.

 Disclosure: This is a sponsored post by Best Buy Canada. All opinions are our own.