UrbanMommies Holiday Gift Guide 2013Note: For more recent Holiday Gift guides, check out 2020 Holiday Guides. Welcome to our 2013 Holiday Gift Guide!  These are our top holiday gifts for the whole family found in stores and online. As always, these are our top picks sourced from all over and we’re never compensated for inclusion in our guide. Click on any image for a review and description. Happy Shopping!!

Gifts for Mom

1. Car Eyelashes  Who wouldn’t want these babies on their BMW? No extensions needed. Canadian Tire

2. Vinylux by CND For the busy mom who doesn’t quite have the time to get her Shellac applied but wants an extra-long lasting polish that’s removable at home. It comes in great colours and lasts a week on my hands. CND

3. ArtKive A dream come true. Photograph the kids’ artwork using this app and lose the guilt when you toss the original. (Kid Dictionary calls this ‘Garboflage’). Later you can make the art into fancy books and things. Artkive

4. Butter Baked Goods. This cookbook calms me down just by its presence in the room.  Stunningly beautiful, it also includes her famous marshmallow recipe. Not to worry. You have all of January to diet. Chapters Indigo

5. Bling Bags As a hostess gift or way for mom to keep the purse organized, a few of these make for a happy woman. Chapters Indigo

6. Conair Curl Secret I admit – I was a bit scared to try it.  Your hair gets sucked into the body of the curler and beeps after a couple of seconds, letting you know it’s time to release the ABSOLUTELY PERFECT curl. In about 4 minutes I have a perfect head of ringlets. Let’s just say I pack light and it made the cut for a recent Europe jaunt.  Curl Secret

7. Spoonk Apparently Oprah knew about this before I did, but now that I’ve got my hands on these, they are a staple. Mats you lie on that contuct acupressure. While you are watching Breaking Bad. Who knew?!  Spoonk

8. Pliio Folders I am an aficionado of the Big Bang Theory and have always wanted Sheldon’s folding apparatus.  Enter this great invention.  The kids laundry fits better in their drawers, AND they can fold it themselves.  Pliio

9.  Cheese Kitchen Papers They are just too beautiful.  And a really great excuse for cheese.  You could save a dish also and throw them in the compost afterwards.  Hester and Cook

Gifts for Dad

1. Bespoke Post Men are hard to buy for.  But this service delivers a little package every month, filled with XY chromosome-goodness. Bespoke Post

2. Sterling silver Daddy Dogtags.  With the kids names on them.  Or you could even engrave your anniversary and birthdate so there’s never any forgetfulness.. Posh Mommy Jewelry

3. Dyson Car Vac. It can suck up Cheerios like there’s no tomorrow. Canadian Tire

4. Custom Made Personalized Dad Ornament from Etsy will delight the whole family.  And Etsy has also just launche gift cards in Canada! Etsy

5. Urban Xplorer Halfpack makes a cool diaper bag or weekender for dad.

6. Breville Juicer Simply because you can hide kale in his morning juice. Canadian Tire

7. Porsche Macan (Spring 2014) The first Porsche Compact SUV is available in two versions: Macan S and Macan Turbo. In case you’re looking for a rather large gift. Make sure you put the carseats in as well. Porsche

8. Twinkly House Light. If he’s a bit inept with hanging the Holiday lights, this is the ticket.  Plug it in and the whole house or trees outside look like they are covered in tiny lights. Canadian Tire

9. Founding Fathers Whiskey Keg  Dingle has the capacity to distill two casks of new whiskey every day and are setting aside the first fruits, the produce of our first 250 days in action. These 500 casks will be available to those who wish to become The Dingle Founding Fathers.Each cask, with its own distinct character will be unique: one unique cask, one unique owner.

Gifts for Baby and Toddlers

1. Big Hugs Elmo Who wouldn’t love a hug from our favorite little red monster, Elmo? He will wrap his hands around your little one and give them a hug when they need it most. He will also sing lullabies and encourage pretend play. Indigo

2. Fun Onesies. When you get up in the middle of the night to nurse, the ‘After Party’ one will make you grin. Chapters Indigo

3. These stuffies are to die for. Harrods

4. Dior knows how to dress up the little ones for the holidays.

5. Kickboard Mini Micro 3 in 1.  You may have a hard time staying off it yourself.

6. NPW Tube Toy  Uncommon Goods

7. Squeez ‘Ems. Brilliant for the environment, my ‘Litterless Lunch goals’ have been fulfilled.  Refill these great containers with yogurt or applesauce.  The large opening in the top helps for cleaning and they are lighter than heavy plastic.

8. Educational Insights Dino Construction Company T-Top the Triceratops Bulldozer  Mastermind


Gifts for Kids

1. Minecraft Slippers Again on Etsy.

2. Doodle for Google  Doodle 4 Google is an annual program that invites K-12 students in the United States to use their artistic talents to think big and redesign our homepage logo for millions to see.

3. Little Passports  Watch as your children race to the mailbox every month to learn about Sam and Sofia’s latest destinations. Monthly packages arrive filled with lots of goodies and access to online games and activities. Little Passports

4. Sifteo These brilliant, interactive cubes will keep them (and you busy) for hours!

5. Pottery Barn Kids China It matches and can be intermixed with your adult versions. PBK

6. Tutus by Tutumaria are soft and adorned with ribbons and special sundries. The only trouble is that they don’t come in adult sizes.

7. Poppy Drops Temporary Tattoo Earrings are just the thing for little ones who love to dress up! Perfect for loot bags, stocking stuffers and birthday gifts. The set comes with 12 pairs of temporary earrings in different styles. All Poppy Drops earrings are made with all natural, food-grade vegetable dyes and are safe for children. The earrings can last up to a week and can be removed with baby oil.

8. Ninjabread Men  will delight the toughest of little guys.  Bite off the legs first! Perpetual Kid

9. Oldschool Battleship There’s just nothing cooler. Yard Sale or Ebay

Gifts for Pregnant Women

1.  Cake Lingere  Beautifully made with luxurios fbrics, i wear the nursing bra all the time – even though I’m not nursing! Seams aren’t itchy and you feel super sexy. It comes in a beautifully wrapped box with satin ribbon. Cake Maternity 

2. Silver Cross Aston Martin Stroller  I saw it on a recent trip to Harrods and drooled. And drooled.  Perfect if you want to spend two thousand pounds on a stroller.

3. Phil & Teds Travel Cot I used one all the time when the kids were little.  It fits into a tiny bag (that made the Europe packing cut once as well. Canadian Tire

4.  Maternity Wrap. Isabella Oliver

5. Baby Bullet  Make anazing natural and healthy baby food. London Drugs

6. HP Slate 7 It’s a super speedy android tablet with a very reasonable price tag.

7. Pea in Pod Cashmere  Autumn Cashmere Long Sleeve Maternity Sweater.

8. Timi & Leslie Marie Antoinette’ Diaper Bag is something you’ll carry long after the baby is out of diapers. Nordstrom

9. Stratamark is a revolutionary stretch mark cream.  We tested it and it helped reduce stretch marks that are a few years old.. Stratamark 

Gifts for Grandparents

1. Seniors Labels from Mabel’s Labels are the best invention since, well, kids’ labels! Mabel’s Labels

2. A Goat. ONE has partnered with Heifer International to send a lot of goats to Africa.You heard me right. Goats.

Goats are pretty amazing. For most people in the world, the only milk they drink comes from goats. And one goat can produce up to one TON of milk a year. That means lots of cheese, butter and milk to sell at the market, and homemade fertilizer to help make crops grow. Heifer International

3. Boxed Salt and Peppers come in tons of different designs and make a personalized gift based on interests of the recipient.  They are packaged in a gorgeous box ties with ribbon. Pottery Barn

4. Soda Stream is my new favourite home appliance.  Next to the Vitamix. Home Depot

5.  Pillows with Pizzaz make a sparkly gift that will lift the spirits of the oldest sofa! Indigo

6. Twig Plastic Cutlery  Translucent Black Twig 12 Piece Cutlery You don’t have to sacrifice elegance when choosing a one-time use cutlery set. Madhouse

7. Chalkboard Calendar 12 hand drawn months in chalk style typography and large block grids for plenty of space to keep track of important dates. Paper Source

8. Festive Cake Carrier. Hopefully it will inspire them to bake stuff for you. Canadian Tire

9. AVG Internet Security 2014 Don’t let the grandparents get hacked. We swear by the AVG products and this new version now includes new privacy features to protect your private data. AVG