I love my job.  But sometimes UrbanMommies gets sent items for review and we don’t actually know how to give them a proper test.  Case in point: The Sharp Air Purifier.  You see, I’m pretty lucky.  I don’t have carpets, don’t smoke, it’s summer when the doors are opened all the time and I’m a spectacular housekeeper.  Ha.  Ok maybe not, but my air smells pretty fresh.  I plugged in this shiny new unit in a large room.  It looked a bit like a spaceship with fancy lights and was so quiet I kept forgetting it was there.  It even monitors dust.  Reading the details, I was convinced it was doing it’s thing, but how could I prove it?

And then I decided to clean out my storage room.  Our home is built on a rock and in several places the rock comes into the house.  Dampness from the British Columbia rain combined with too-small kids’ shoes tossed into a storage bin can create quite the stench.  So when I opened the door, eager to organize the dreaded area, I gagged.  Several hours later the space looked shiny.  Soccer cleats and rollerblades were catalogued and Christmas decorations grouped (behind Hallowe’en for ease of access of course).  Martha would be proud.  But the room still smelled like a dog’s breakfast.  And then I remembered the silent spaceship in the other room.  The Sharp KC-850U Air Purifier is recommended for rooms up to 254 sq. ft. and my storage wasn’t even close to that.  I had a hunch that it would work quickly.

I dragged it in.  Plugged it in.  Turned off the lights, shut the door and came back 3 days later.The angels were singing! Mozart was playing! My air smelled clean.  Test complete and products passes with flying colours.  It actually inactivates mould, viruses, allergens and odours.  It doesn’t just mask the smells like spraying perfume around.  It actually removes them.

The details:

·         Sharp air purifiers are the world’s only air purifiers with Plasmacluser Ion (PCI) technology that uses both positive and negative ions to shower the room and seek out and inactivate many airborne contaminants.

·         Through the use of positive and negative ions, the air purifier is able to inactivate most airborne particles, including viruses and bacteria, mould spores, germs, fungi and other odour causing substances, removing up to 99.7% of airborne particles.

·         Sharp’s air purifiers with humidifying function are also the only product line on the market that combine a humidifier and air purifier, meaning one sleek unit is all that’s needed to keep the air in a room clean and comfortable, no matter what the season.

Here’s their fan page.  It should be called an air purifier page as opposed to fan. I. am. so. funny.

So now that I don’t have to use my superior housekeeping skills (chuckle) to scrub the storage room, won’t get as many viruses this winter and can skip the allergy medicines, I have a ton of time on my hands.  Dinner, anyone?