On our twelfth and final day of gift guides for 2015, we focus on gifts that transport and navigate. They take you places, shift your mindset, and widen your perspective. If you missed any of the other 11 days all of the guides are listed here, along with a cool contest to win $250 in Visa Gift Cards. Happy Holidays!

1. LightscoopSay goodbye to red eye, harsh shadows, washed-out faces and that deer-in-headlights look that’s so common with built-in, direct flash photography. Slip on our Professor Kobre’s Lightscoop® camera accessory and transform your indoor pictures into beautiful portraits and perfect product photography. Lightscoop Deluxe for most dSLR cameras with a built-in flash. Tilts for ceiling and wall bounce. Folds and fits in your pocket for easy packing. $39.95

2. Let’s Cook French, A Family Cookbook: Cuisinons Francais, Un livre pour toute la famille. According to Jacques Pepin, “the moment for a child to be in the kitchen is from the moment they are born.” Previously published under the title Kids Cook French, Let’s Cook French, written by his daughter Claudine Pepin, is a fun, interactive, bilingual cookbook for families that introduces the art and joy of French cooking. It teaches better eating habits and the importance of culture, while providing quality family bonding time. Featuring classic, simple dishes inspired by French cuisine, each recipe is shown in both French and English and accompanied by charming illustrations. With an emphasis on fresh ingredients and hands-on preparation, dishes include traditional starters, main courses, and desserts. Your child’s creativity will be sparked, as will your deeper connection with them. $21.99 

3. iPhone Controlled Paper AirplaneCombine the tactile nostalgia of paper plane folding with the hands-on enjoyment of RC flight using the PowerUp 3.0 iPhone-Controlled Paper Airplane ($50). This iOS app controlled device is a Bluetooth wireless receiver and a motor connected to a propeller by a carbon fiber shaft that you can attach to nearly any paper plane. Just build a plane out of a piece of standard paper, attach the motor, and open up the app on your phone — it’ll fly for up to ten minutes on a single charge. Available this month. $49.99 

 4. The World’s Smartest Ear Thermometer: It never fails. You plan a great family vacation, and someone always get sick. A smart Mom is a Prepared Mom. I never travel without my Kinsa Smart Ear Thermometer.The Kinsa Smart Ear Thermometer works like the best ear thermometers on the market, and then outsmarts them. Take an instant reading and then wirelessly sync via Bluetooth with our free app (iOS available) for advanced features. No-Fuss Readings for Children of Any Age. Kinsa’s ergonomic design is gentle on sleeping newborns. Our one-button reading process is gentle on sleepless parents. Kinsa has thought of everything, even doing away with probe covers in exchange for an easy-to-clean surface. $49.99 

5. Comfort Revolution Hydraluxe Cooling Gel Pillow: Let me tell you about this pillow. Sigh. No more sweaty sleeps. Experience revolutionary fusion of Memory Foam layered with innovative Hydraluxe gel technology. Our unique Hydraluxe Bed Pillow offers advanced gel engineering that cradles your head and neck, allowing your muscles to fully relax as you sleep. Cool, refreshing gel layers are your permanent solution to tossing, turning, and pillow flipping. A premium mesh cover is gentle on your face. Rest deeply and wake feeling relaxed and ready to enjoy a great day. $79.99 

6. The Carry on Cocktail KitMy heroes. The Carry on Cocktail Kit earns a place on this list by solving a very real problem for  civilized travellers in an increasingly uncivilized travel landscape. The Carry On Cocktail Kit provides everything you need to craft two delicious Old Fashioned cocktails mid-flight—all you need to add is the hard stuff. My Christmas wish is the next time I am in the middle seat, the kindly soul to my left or right will be the sort to take this kit out and begin muddling. I look over, nod, smile and say “Hard stuff…my treat.”

7. Covergirl Colorliscious Lipstick: I swear by this lipstick – even the red doesn’t wear off. Inexpensive and fabulous, you will feel like a million. $6.99

8. The Bugaboo Diesel Denim collection features a signature denim fabric and blue anodized chassis. It’s so chic like putting your baby in boyfriend jeans. With camo accessories like an umbrella, mosquito net and snuggly, rivets and leather, people may just mistake you for James Dean. Price Varies.

9. I was given a pair of Budstraps to sample and they have seriously changed the way I run. Never finding earphones that would actually remain in the ear with impact, I.. missed a few laps by the end. These are a quintessential stocking stuffer for anyone getting from point A to Point B. $9.95

10.The Foreo Luna Mini is a vibrant, palm-sized skincare device that delivers deep yet gentle facial cleansing via innovative T-Sonic technology. The ergonomic 3-zone brush is designed for all skin types. Perfect to keep an even tan while travelling or exfoliate in an airplane restroom. $159.00.  

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Gifts that Transport and Navigate