Thanksgiving and Christmas are upon us, and it just dawned on me that my home will be filled with family and guests in a few days. We are all super busy, and after the first months back to school, my home is certainly caked in a mild film of grime. A few rooms certainly need a little ‘renovation’.

15 Minute Cleaning Plan

Around the House:

1. Give each family member a basket and scavenge around the house for items that have not made it back to their ‘homes’.
2. Simmer a pot of water, cloves and cinnamon sticks on the stove.
3. Take a few minutes in every room to glance around and see if there is clutter that can be eliminated or donated.
4. The front entryway and front door is what visitors first see in your home – use a Magic Eraser to wipe down the front door, and do a 5 minute floor wash in your foyer. Plus, getting on your hands and knees doubles as exercise.


1. Swipe a Magic Eraser over the kitchen sink and faucet until it sparkles.
2. Use your vacuum to quickly suck dust out of corners, off lampshades and window sills.
3. Use Mr. Clean Concentrated Cleaner to wipe the sticky messed away inside the fridge. And remind myself never to let the kids pour the maple syrup.
4. Wipe all light switches and knobs with a Magic Eraser.


1. Wipe down bathtubs and shower doors with a magic eraser.
2. Tip: after jumping out of the shower, use your wet towel to do a quick wipe of the floors.