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Remove Jam Soil and Crayon

How to Remove Soil, Crayon and Jam Stains (With Video)

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Time to get messy!!! I love my job. Tide Ultra Stain Release has challenged my family to a little game. They sent along a few white t-shirts (hope it doesn’t rain…) and Tide Ultra Stain Release with a special ‘Zap Cap’ that has texture for you to scrub nasty stains with. After each activity, I throw the shirts in the wash to see how great this detergent really is. Such Fun!!! Each video shows how I removed the stain using the Zap Cap. My first task is for the kids and I to see how well Tide Ultra Stain Release can remove soil, crayon and jam stains!


15 Minute Cleaning Tips for the Holidays

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Canadian Thanksgiving is upon us, and it just dawned on me that my home will be filled with family and guests in a few days. We are all super busy, and after the first months back to school, my home is certainly caked in a mild film of grime.


Swiffer Bissell SteamBoost

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Swiffer Bissel SteamboostLook out dust pans, watch out bristles, brooms, and mops, you’d better be scared.  There is a new Swiffer in town and it is coming after your jobs.  UrbanMommies tried the new Swiffer BISSELL SteamBoost and you’d think we’d done a full fall clean.  A-hem.  It’s a deeply penetrating steam mop that powers through dog footprints, coffee spills and mystery spots whose origins you no longer recall.  It even cleans all the stuff your old mop leaves behind (and has left behind since the last time you were washing the floor on your hands and knees).  For me that was when I was trying to induce labour contractions a while back….

Now that my babies are growing and ever so helpful, we sometimes play ‘clean the house’.  The beauty of this product is that you can kick those nasty buckets out, throw away all those harsh chemicals and use the power of regular tap water and steam to blast away those annoying messes.  Three simple steps and you’re well on your way to a quick clean up that will leave you plenty of time to catch up on your favourite shows.

1.  fill the compartment with water.
2.  attach a Steam pad
3. plug it in and wah-lah.


Disclosure: I am a P&Gmom/mamanP&G. As part of my affiliation with this group I receive products and special access to P&G events and opportunities. The opinions on this blog are my own. 

*Do not use on waxed or unfinished wood floors


Embarrassed About my Dishwasher Situation

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Finish DishwasherAgggh.  I had a dinner party for two couples I didn’t know.  And as they came into my kitchen (why do people arrive early?!) I was loading the dishwasher and I was mortified.  Embarrassed about my dishwasher situation.  It didn’t look clean, it didn’t smell clean, and I am not a big advocate of rinsing.  So you can fill in the blanks…  I am still hoping the smell of the French dinner overpowered the negative stench from the dishwasher.

Until I was approached to try Finish Dishwasher Cleaner, I didn’t realize there was an option beyond running the dishwasher with a ramekin of lemon and another of baking soda.  (not very effective in my experience).  The day after my dinner party I tried the Finish.  Wow.  The whole washer looked new.  It smelled amazing and clean.  Despite feeling inadequate that I couldn’t have done that before the Finish cleaner, I was thrilled.

Finish AdditivesNext step?  Washing the silver and crystal.  Please don’t tell my mom (she’s a disaster on the internet so she probably won’t read this anyway), but I had so many dishes to do I put the good stuff in the dishwasher too.  Finish had also sent FINSH JET-DRY Rinse Agent.  I found the little receptacle in the door of the washer (not too technical with these things usually – who knew?!?), and bit my nails as I ran the cycle with the china and crystal.  Shhh.  Apparently the rinse agent is automatically released in the rinse cycle.  And when I opened the washer, everything was dry and sparkly.  No spot-checking necessary.  Thank you gods of rinsing. And Finish.  For the mystery work I never knew about.

Now I’ve only used it once, and it’s recommended that you do it monthly, but the label says it cleans hidden areas.  And from the fresh smell of the dishwasher I would vouch for that.  So I am thus hooked. Monthly Finish, here I come.  I’ll be a rockstar Mom then, right?

Disclosure: I am part of the Finish Canada Blogger Campaign with Mom Central Canada and I receive special perks as part of my affiliation with this group. The opinions on this blog are my own.



Clean up Fast with the Toydozer

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Lego and Blocks.  Two of the world’s best inventions and also the bane of parents everywhere.  The vacuum gets clogged, you are constantly stepping on tiny pieces and the worst – Mommy – Where is my guy’s head!?  The Toydozer is like a huge dustpan/shovel that makes cleaning up the carpet much more efficient.  Scrape everything into the dozer with the removable flap, and spend more time laughing and less time searching for heads!  Now all you need is a bin big enough to dump it all in.