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Tricks for Getting Outside in Crappy Weather

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It can be just as hard to be active outdoors in gross weather as it is to stick to your diet goals during the holidays. The great news is that Gore-Tex has now been invented, and warm inner layers are far more stylish than the long-johns of old. Living in the Pacific Northwest, my family is very lucky to have hiking and ski hills at our doorstep, but getting outside still takes motivation when the weather isn’t co-operating.


Clek’s Tips For Safe, Fun, Family Travel This Summer!

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Clek’s Tips For Safe, Fun, Family Travel This Summer!Clek’s Tips For Safe, Fun, Family Travel This Summer!

Summer travel means quality time with family. New places, new experiences, and spending time with each other. Clek, the award-winning car seat company, offers the following tips for a fun and safe vacation:

1.       Ensure your destination is child friendly.

Find out if your destination will accommodate infants and toddlers to ensure you have a relaxing vacation. Check online reviews to find out if it is family-friendly.

2.      Travel safely.

“Whether you’re traveling by air or ground, ensure you have access to a car seat for each child. Best practice is to bring your own child seat because you know it’s history and you’re familiar with how to use and install it,” says Trudy Slaght, Clek’s Child Passenger Safety Technician.  “Beyond safety, bringing your own car seat gives your child a familiar place to sit, making for an easier trip.”

Transport Canada highly recommends the use of an approved child restraint for all phases of flight. It will provide the greatest degree of protection for the infant or child and its use during flight will help in case of turbulence. By using the child restraint on the aircraft, it will also ensure that you will have it available for use in the car at your destination.

Don’t worry about going over the carry-on limit for air travel, you’re allowed the extra item when it is a car seat. Plus, Clek’s weelee is a universal travel bag that makes bringing your own car seat a breeze!

3.       Give yourself extra time.

Everything takes longer with kids so arrive early. For air or bus travel this means you can have your seats pre-assigned to save you from any last minute hassle. For road trips, be sure to get a good night’s sleep, it’s imperative to be alert for the long drive. Don’t over pack your vehicle so as to impede visibility.  Plan pit stops along the way: playgrounds, parks, landmark attractions, etc. Buckle up and have fun!

4.       Plan what to bring.

You won’t have access to all your preferred comforts on the road. Beyond your packed items, bring these essentials with you that should be easily accessible:

For baby: Diapers, wipes, change pads, bottles, extra clothes, formula, etc.

First Aid Kit: Band aids, hand sanitizer, antiseptic cream, gauze pads, plastic bag (for car sickness), medicine, etc.

Snacks: water, drink boxes, easy-to-eat snacks (i.e. sandwiches, cheese, apple slices, granola bars, cookies, cereal raisins, crackers, etc.)

Favourite toy: A familiar object will make your child more comfortable on the road (i.e. teddy bear, blanky, pillow, book, etc.). Keep in mind it could get lost. Something special and new for the trip can make it extra fun too.

Other: sunblock, bug spray, flashlight, phone charger, gps/road side assistance plan, maps, disposable toilet seat covers, etc.

Follow these tips and you’re sure to have a safe, fun, family adventure!


Bauer Launches Star Wars™ Themed Goal Masks

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Bauer Hockey has announced that it has launched a series of five Star Warsthemed goal masks that are now available at select global retail locations.

 “For as long as goal masks have been worn in hockey, there has been an evolution of incredible artwork that showcases the goalie and the team’s heritage and provides inspiration in preparation for battle on the ice,” said Greg Goyer, Category General Manager for Goalie Product at Bauer Hockey.  “Given the film’s unique and global following, we’re excited to offer the series of Star Wars themed goal masks as the next chapter in the history of goal mask battle paint.”

Each BAUER goal mask features iconic characters and worlds from the classic film series, including Luke Skywalker, Shock Troopers, Yoda, Boba Fett and Darth Vader.

Below are some brief descriptions of the artwork, scenes and characters featured on the goal masks:

  1. LUKE SKYWALKER Goal Mask: With designs from Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back, this goal mask features X-Wing pilot Luke Skywalker equipped for battle on the ice planet of Hoth, the location of the Rebel Alliance base.
  2. SHOCK TROOPERS Goal Mask: This goal mask features designs of the Galactic Empire ground force, the Shock Troopers, and brings to life the fiery volcanic world of Mustafar, the location of the legendary battle between Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi.
  3. YODA Goal Mask: Yoda, one of the most renowned and powerful Jedi Masters in Galactic history, is featured on this goal mask poised to duel, armed with his lightsaber while channeling the Force.
  4. BOBA FETT Goal Mask: The notorious bounty hunter, Boba Fett, is featured on this goal mask in battle in his customized Mandalorian armor firing his blaster rifle and in-flight with his Z-6 jetpack engaged.  The Mandalorian symbol is displayed on the center of the mask, just above the wire facial cage.
  5. DARTH VADER Goal Mask: The Emperor’s dark enforcer, Darth Vader, is featured on this goal mask in his infamous black armor and in battle with his lightsaber in hand.  The Galactic Empire Imperial symbol is displayed on the center of the mask, just above the wire facial cage.

 The series is available on the BAUER NME3 goal mask.  This high performance mask includes a LEXAN EXL polycarbonate shell, a dual density liner and a carbon steel round wire cage.  The Star Wars series BAUER goal mask is available in a variety of sizes, including senior, junior, and youth.


Swiffer Bissell SteamBoost

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Look out dust pans, watch out bristles, brooms, and mops, you’d better be scared.  There is a new Swiffer in town and it is coming after your jobs.  UrbanMommies tried the new Swiffer BISSELL SteamBoost and you’d think we’d done a full fall clean.  A-hem.  It’s a deeply penetrating steam mop that powers through dog footprints, coffee spills and mystery spots whose origins you no longer recall.  It even cleans all the stuff your old mop leaves behind (and has left behind since the last time you were washing the floor on your hands and knees).  For me that was when I was trying to induce labour contractions a while back….

chooz shoes

Chooze Shoes for Kids

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What makes CHOOZE shoes different?  Could it be their subtle or bold variations or their unique and beautiful look? The answer is yes. Being unique is something to be proud of and CHOOZE is dedicated to its mission of elevating and empowering individuality.  CHOOZE shoes are matched but never the same.  What is that? The shoes don’t match?  People rarely wear matching socks anymore, so why not move on to two different shoes? By encouraging people to wear two different shoes, CHOOZE builds confidence and creativity in individuals, creating an open mind and allowing them to be open to thinking differently and being open to new ideas.

Available at

Price Range: $18-$50


15 Back to School Essentials

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I’m one of those parents that can’t stand the end of summer.  The thought of school lunches and early wake-ups makes me want to cry.  Even the notion of some alone time while the kids are in school doesn’t make me want to celebrate.  But back to school shopping?  Now you’re talking.  I love the new beginnings – a change to streamline routines and try to finally nail the healthy littler-less lunch.  We can always dream.  Here are our 15 back to school essentials for this year.

1.  Reminiscent of old-school TV dinner trays or modern Bento boxes, the PlanetBox ensures food doesn’t get all mixed up and helps you include healthier options for the pickiest eater.  The magnets add a personal flair.  Also available at Pottery Barn Kids with personalized carry bags.

2.  Microwave, dishwasher safe and waterproof.  Music to a parents’ ears!  Not having to raid the lost and found box at school every week?  Even better.  I just ordered Mabels Labels‘ Ultimate Back to School Pack. The kids got to choose their own personal designs and even prompted them to clean out their closet.

3.  Sanrio.  It’s all about Sanrio.  I just got 2 new Sigg Hello Kitty water bottles.  Always BPA-free, these designs also allow you to write a note to your kids in the thought bubble.  My preference is to have the kids write a note to me, as I won’t give these bottles up.  Sorry, boys.

4.  We know that UrbanMommies is a big fan of manners for kids.  Let’s not stop at school.  Funkins are colourful, fun napkins made just for our little robot lovers and fishermen.

5.  As you register the kids for extra-curricular activities, don’t forget to include down time.  The Babba Box is a subscription service that provides hours of after-school and weekend creativity.  Combine it with Disney’s new Story app and we’re willing to bet you double their fun.

6.  I always went to school with personalized pencils from Lillian Vernon.  You despise me now don’t you?  And now they are in pink.

7.  WoolFelt iPad sleeve on etsy.  Stunning.

8.  Fancy patterned binders help our kids feel like individuals.  Leave it to Martha Stewart to come up with epic patterns.  Available at Staples.

9.  Boys: In the summer I can’t get my boys to wear pants.  In the fall I can’t get them to wear pants without holes in the knees.  Good news: Iron Knee pants from Land’s End.  The revolutionary interior knee patch will allow them to fall on their knees all the time without you having to deal with seeing their kneecaps at the end of the day.  Now we just need to stock up on Tide Pods how to deal with the grass stains.
10.  Girls: The new Binksy & Bobo reversible tie dress.  Spills can be instantly hidden with a flip.  And it’s Canadian. I need one in my size please.

11.  Picmonkey.  It’s all about picmonkey.  They’ve just released some back to school themes, overlays and nostalgic school effects.

12.  Zoo Lunches from Skip Hop acts as a lunch bag and doubles as a little friend.  Available at Snuggle Bugz.


Over the Shoulder Baby Holder

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The over the shoulder baby holder is otherwise known as a sling or carrier (not a bra – ha ha).  Both mom and dad need to be comfortable and structurally supported without hunching, tilting or bruised shoulders.  When our kids were tiny, they refused the stroller (aaagh) and my diaper bag essentials always included two different types of carriers to give my body some variety.  Ranging from wraps to heavy-duty sophisticated contraptions with buckles and gizmos, here are a few of the most popular.

1.  Baby Bjorn – a fabulous brand made famous when Angelina Jolie carried her little ones, they now come in active and comfort models and the optional covers keep baby snug and warm without adding bulk and weight to the carrier.  Available at Baby’s World.

2.  The Beco Butterfly 2 is a gorgeous eco-friendly carrier that can hold baby in the front or back.  It’s a great option for both mom and dad.  Available (and on sale!) at Hip Baby $119.00.

3.  The Moby Wrap comes in hip designs, UV protective cloth, jacquard and modern designs.

4.  The Maya Wrap is a beautiful and cozy alternative that many of our readers swear by.  Aiding in breastfeeding, it is an incredibly secure option for the little one.  It just takes a bit of figuring out before you feel fully comfortable with how to wrap.  Available at Parenting By Nature.
5.  Ergo Baby Petunia Pickle Bottom Designer Collection – also produces organic, sport and travel options.  Available at Jack and Lola (Outback model $124.99) or Petunia Pickle Bottom (model shown).

6.  Phil and Ted’s Metro Carrier has a streamlined design that has ‘UrbanMommy’ written all over it.  It’s also lightweight and comfortable.  $169.99 at Lusso Baby.

7.  Balboa Baby slings are fabulous for breastfeeding and recommended by Dr. Sears.  Available at Baby’s Corner.

8.  The Little Life Explorer S2 Child Carrier

Occupying up to 30% less space than their full-sized carriers, the design of the Explorer S2 is deliberately minimalist. This ensures that it packs away neatly, taking up the least space possible, and makes it ideal for travel. Despite this it has some clever little features and boasts a 17 litre storage capacity. It also features a highly adjustable back system.  Available at MEC.

9. Sasha Ediger Tigers Tale Collection from Rose and Rebellion in the UK are handmade with generously padded straps and fully reversible to make them a great unisex product.  £79.99  Rose and Rebellion

10.  Sakura Bloom offers dupioni silk, 2-colour slings. Cool to wear, and perfect for all climates, these slings are handcrafted of two layers of silk, each sling is lightweight, breathable, and adjustable.  All Sakura Bloom slings are machine washable in cold water.  $198.00 from Sakura Bloom.




Crock-Pot Lunch Warmer

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crock-pot lunch warmer

The Lunch Warmer comes in purple, blue, black, red. It has a 20 oz capacity making it perfect for an individual sized meal!

No time in the morning to pack a warm meal for yourself or your children? Enjoy a comforting meal with the Crock-Pot Lunch Warmer. It warms food on the go, while still staying cool to the touch outside for safety. It’s easy to clean-just stick the removable food storage container in the dishwasher! You can even leave the warming base at work/school and use the detachable food container to transport meals back and forth. How about packing last night’s leftovers of Slow Cooker Lasagna for a nutritious lunch? Crock-Pot



Stainless Steel Eva Bird Bowls

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As a university student I invested in metal dishes.  They were durable and stylish and I hadn’t been able to find similar funky hand-painted designs since.  My search is over with these gorgeous Eva Bird bowls and cups sporting a dash of hand painted colour. Highly durable, non-leaching and recyclable stainless steel cups and bowls with hand painted bird designs in red, green and varying shades of blue.  Lavish and Lime


The Coolest New Strollers

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  1. balmoral navy 200We love design.  We love babies.  And the chic stroller makes us want to keep the kids coming….. Here are a few of our top picks at the moment for the coolest new strollers.Silver Cross Balmoral
    An iconic, stately pram, hand crafted in Yorkshire with unique leather suspension straps and a classic carriage that guarantees comfort and safety.
    Weighs 37kg. Prices around $4000
  2. Origami Stroller4 Moms Origami stroller
    Opens and closes itself with a simple press of a button. Rear wheels have built in generators that charge the stroller while you walk (and can charge a cell phone!). Lots of storage (cup holders and removable storage bags) Has running and pathway lights for safety. LCD screen includes thermometer, speedometer and other lifetime odometers.
    for use with children up to 40lbs. Dimensions are 41” l, 28” w, 39” when open. The toddler sized stroller is 32 lbs.
    Prices $849.99 on
  3. CMYK ZenBloom CMYK Zen Stroller
    This stylish, light all-terrain stroller includes a solar lighting system (light beams or flash hazard lights), a freestanding folding design that makes it easy to stash In small spaces.
    Stroller weighs 25.3 lbs. For infant up to 44lbs.
    Price $799 at
  4. ride on carry onRide on Carry On
    Traveling with little ones is made easy with this convertible children’s chair that comfortably snaps onto carry  on luggage. Perfect for rolling your child through the terminal and right to their seat. The padded headrest can be pulled down for use as a tray table. The chair folds flat without removing so it can fit through security and in the overhead storage compartment.
    Recommended for children from 8mnths-5 years (up to 50 lbs)
    Priced at $39.99
  5. Bugaboo Bee Missoni ChameleonBugaboo + Missoni Chameleon
    This stylish, brightly colored stroller features a detachable bassinet, adjustable handle, and four swivel wheels. The suspension is also adjustable and creates smooth strolling.
    include a matching Missoni chevron blanket.
  6. Mima Kids KobiMima Kids Kobi cosmo stroller
    Has a patented “carrycot” system where the seat can be converted by unzipping the seat. The seat can be rear or forward facing. Removable changing bag, clip on canopy, adjustable handle and seat height positions. Can accommodate another seat while still being average sized for a stroller.
    Weighs 29.4 lbs. Suitable for infants from birth to 37 pounds.
    1200 Euros on