Look out dust pans, watch out bristles, brooms, and mops, you’d better be scared.  There is a new Swiffer in town and it is coming after your jobs.  UrbanMommies tried the new Swiffer BISSELL SteamBoost and you’d think we’d done a full fall clean.  A-hem.  It’s a deeply penetrating steam mop that powers through dog footprints, coffee spills and mystery spots whose origins you no longer recall.  It even cleans all the stuff your old mop leaves behind (and has left behind since the last time you were washing the floor on your hands and knees).  For me that was when I was trying to induce labour contractions a while back….

Now that my babies are growing and ever so helpful, we sometimes play ‘clean the house’.  The beauty of this product is that you can kick those nasty buckets out, throw away all those harsh chemicals and use the power of regular tap water and steam to blast away those annoying messes.  Three simple steps and you’re well on your way to a quick clean up that will leave you plenty of time to catch up on your favourite shows.

1.  fill the compartment with water.
2.  attach a Steam pad
3. plug it in and wah-lah.

*Do not use on waxed or unfinished wood floors