The over the shoulder baby holder is otherwise known as a sling or carrier (not a bra – ha ha).  Both mom and dad need to be comfortable and structurally supported without hunching, tilting or bruised shoulders.  When our kids were tiny, they refused the stroller (aaagh) and my diaper bag essentials always included two different types of carriers to give my body some variety.  Ranging from wraps to heavy-duty sophisticated contraptions with buckles and gizmos, here are a few of the most popular.

1.  Baby Bjorn – a fabulous brand made famous when Angelina Jolie carried her little ones, they now come in active and comfort models and the optional covers keep baby snug and warm without adding bulk and weight to the carrier.  Available at Baby’s World.

2.  The Beco Butterfly 2 is a gorgeous eco-friendly carrier that can hold baby in the front or back.  It’s a great option for both mom and dad.  Available (and on sale!) at Hip Baby $119.00.

3.  The Moby Wrap comes in hip designs, UV protective cloth, jacquard and modern designs.

4.  The Maya Wrap is a beautiful and cozy alternative that many of our readers swear by.  Aiding in breastfeeding, it is an incredibly secure option for the little one.  It just takes a bit of figuring out before you feel fully comfortable with how to wrap.  Available at Parenting By Nature.
5.  Ergo Baby Petunia Pickle Bottom Designer Collection – also produces organic, sport and travel options.  Available at Jack and Lola (Outback model $124.99) or Petunia Pickle Bottom (model shown).

6.  Phil and Ted’s Metro Carrier has a streamlined design that has ‘UrbanMommy’ written all over it.  It’s also lightweight and comfortable.  $169.99 at Lusso Baby.

7.  Balboa Baby slings are fabulous for breastfeeding and recommended by Dr. Sears.  Available at Baby’s Corner.

8.  The Little Life Explorer S2 Child Carrier

Occupying up to 30% less space than their full-sized carriers, the design of the Explorer S2 is deliberately minimalist. This ensures that it packs away neatly, taking up the least space possible, and makes it ideal for travel. Despite this it has some clever little features and boasts a 17 litre storage capacity. It also features a highly adjustable back system.  Available at MEC.

9. Sasha Ediger Tigers Tale Collection from Rose and Rebellion in the UK are handmade with generously padded straps and fully reversible to make them a great unisex product.  £79.99  Rose and Rebellion

10.  Sakura Bloom offers dupioni silk, 2-colour slings. Cool to wear, and perfect for all climates, these slings are handcrafted of two layers of silk, each sling is lightweight, breathable, and adjustable.  All Sakura Bloom slings are machine washable in cold water.  $198.00 from Sakura Bloom.