It has been a rough month and our world is changing. We are focused on what matters most in our lives, and what is essential. What is most meaningful?

This year, we thought about the important job that a gift must do. In this moment, a well chosen gift must express our feelings, intentions, and most importantly convey our caring. Plus, it must excite and delight the recipient. The Editorial Board at UrbanMommies, met, debated and explored the scope of gifting, and determined that no one-size-fits-all guide would suffice to adequately inspire meaningful gift giving this season. Therefore we proudly present the UrbanMommies 2015 Twelve Days of Christmas Gift Guides, each curated to deliver the meaningful messages which holiday gifts must convey this year.

This first guide focuses on 10 Kids Gifts that…. Cultivate. Everything has been hand selected by the editorial board and is meant to stimulate and inspire kids to get creative.

1. Recap Mason Jar Explore Glow in the Dark Bug Catcher Kit. Between the ‘glow in the dark’ functionality and the opportunity to hunt for bugs, no child on the planet wouldn’t go gaga for this reusable mason jar. $14.95

2. Periodic Table Building Blocks from A Mighty Girl. Characters on the Big Bang Theory would send a drone to snag these educational, fun blocks. I’m ordering them for myself because I paid a bit more attention to passing nots in chemistry class than I did to the teacher…  $32.95

3. A homemade book of your child’s art is not only easy to make, but it allows you to toss the original mounds of art in the trash… (in the Kid Dictionary this is called GARBOFLAGE) You simply photograph the art, categorize by child and print the book with the Artkive app. $25 for a 20 page hardcover 8×8 book.

4. Light Hawk Quattro Neon Assemble this awesome illuminated flying vehicle that features a 4 channel 2.4Ghz, integrated LED light system for night flying. I want this too. Parts range from $3 – $15

5. Wild Kratts Creature Power Suit. Martin & Chris Kratt inspire kids to create their own creature adventures. Just like they do in their FANTASTIC PBS television program. It is no wonder this is a top show for the 3-11 year olds. Our own kids treasure their Creature Power Suits and play with them frequently, and robustly. My kid identifies with one of the brothers and wears his green suit all the time. But we suggest getting both suits so a play-date friend can play along.  Begin your very own Wild Kratts creature adventure with this Chris Kratt Creature Power Suit (vest and gloves set). Swap out the creature power discs to transform your magical creature powers. On sale! $16.99

6. Star Wars Bladebuilders Jedi Master Lightsaber because there’s this little indy film coming out soon…. $49.99

7. Kustom Metal Kits. When the smaller construction kits just aren’t challenging enough this kustom metal kits comes to the rescue. With 100-190 pieces and tools these kits are sure to keep you busy! $80.95

8. The Peanuts Record Player from Vermont Country Store is a portable record player from Crosley that is sure to strike a chord with Peanut fans. See how clever that was?! Lightweight and compact, the suitcase-style turntable with a sure-grip handle carries easily from place to place and is decorated with Schroder along with the whole Peanuts gang who share in your love of music. I already bought one. $119.95

9. Society of Seasonal Secretkeepers Field Guide and Secret Agent Kit Gift Set. The Society of Seasonal Secretkeepers™ Field Guide is broken into 4 sections. First, new “Agents” are inducted into the Secret Society. Then, they explore their own family traditions and beliefs in the Book of Ancient Secrets. Agents then go through Agent Training, a series of fun, upbeat activities, before finally completing five secret missions. $27.99

10. Schoenhut 30 Key Fancy Baby Grand Piano with Bench. Schoenhut’s Fancy Baby Grand is beautifully designed with curved legs and an elegant style. It is extremely durable and sturdy, yet sophisticated in appearance. With 30 full-sized keys, this piano is a great way to introduce your child to basic keyboard skills and musical concepts. Chromatically tuned with a full two-octave span, small hammers strike metal rods, producing lovely chime-like tones. On sale! $99.98

Our Full Holiday Guide:

Comfort and Soothe
Tickle and Delight
Illuminate and Solve
Quench and Indulge
Enchant and Charm
Smoulder and Stun
Fascinate and Enlighten
Transport and Navigate