There are few life events that are as exciting and meaningful as the arrival of a brand new baby—whether it’s your own darling smoosh or one belonging to someone you love. As happy as we are about these new little additions, picking a perfect gift for each baby shower can be a daunting task—mostly because you want to commemorate the occasion with a really great baby shower gift.

This really great gift needs to enlist the right amount of oohs and ahhs, but most importantly—it needs to be useful. That means that it doesn’t instantly get relocated to the “to-be-returned” pile or sit in a drawer unneeded and unused until the bundle of joy starts packing for college. With mountains of baby paraphernalia out there, this is a big ask.

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a really solid, mom-tested list of gift ideas for baby showers? One that you could bookmark for every time you receive a stork-themed invitation in your inbox? Well we’ve got you covered with this list of 10 fantastic baby shower gift ideas.

10 Baby Shower Gift Ideas

1. A Good Quality Maternity Bra

Let’s face it, many of us spend our days alternating between bras that are pretty and bras that are functional. Of all the times in our lives to spoil our ta-tas, ‘post-baby’ should be at the top of the list. The folks at Knix are masters of the mama bra. Their bras range from maternity to nursing with all the support and functionality that a new mama wants/needs and borders on miraculous in the comfort department. There was a point, while wearing my Knix bra, that I completely forgot I was wearing a bra at all (hello no underwire!) 

2. “Essentials” Sets

Practicality is next to godliness when it comes to baby gifts—so instead of adding to the pile, opt for a basket of goodies that are new-baby and new-mom ‘must-have’ items.

  • Starter Kit – nail clippers, thermometer, diaper cream, diaper wipes, infant pain reliever, etc.
  • Feeding Essentials – sippy cups, bottles, bowls, spoons, etc.
  • Teething Essentials – various teething remedies, soothers, pain reliever, teething necklace, etc.
  • Breastfeeding Essentials – nipple cream, cold compresses, pain reliever, nursing pads, etc.
  • Favourites Pack – a variety of things that you found really helpful as a new mom, or that others you know found especially useful.

3. Travel High Chair Sling

As a new mom, whenever I left the house I felt like I had to pack everything, but one thing I really would have loved was a travel high chair sling, because they are so compact that the effort it takes to throw it into the diaper bag is far less than the effort of balancing your baby on your lap all night. Moms never think about this one, but it’s a total lifesaver.

4. Handmade Bedding and Accessories

When I asked some of my friends what the best gift was that they received at their baby shower, many answered that handmade gifts topped their lists. If you’re like me, and unable to hand-make anything that resembles something other than what a kindergartner might produce at craft-time, sites like Etsy have great handmade gift items to help you out. Their bedding, pillows, and accessories are hand block printed by skilled craftsmen, and the dyes are mixed by a colour master. 

5. Nursing Pillow

Before my own newborn, I had no idea the importance and versatility of a nursing pillow. Aside from making the process of nursing more comfortable, it can also be used to aid in bottle feeding, back lying, tummy time, propping, and as a support for new sitters.

6. Food and More Food

Finding time to make homemade meals can be a near-impossible task when you are a new mom, so showing up with freezer-friendly meals can solidify your friend-for-life status and will probably even elicit a single tear of gratitude.

7. Gift Cards

Although gift cards for food, department stores, and clothing companies are awesome, try thinking outside the box.

  • Cleaning service
  • Family photoshoot
  • Diaper service
  • Sleep consultant

8. Baby Clothes and Accessories

Obviously baby clothes are super exciting to buy and to receive. When giving baby clothes as a gift, don’t forget to be mindful of the season in which the baby was born and determine how sizing works and the type of clothing to buy. For example, a baby born in July will need winter gear if you’re buying in the 6-12 month size range. For adorable baby clothing and accessories, check out Kewe in Canada, which is all ethically made. Bambit + Birdie is great for sleepwear. OLE Design is another natural, Canadian brand to watch.

9. Waterproof Outdoor Blanket

Getting outside with your newborn can feel as daunting as climbing a mountain, but it can also be refreshing and revitalizing for both mom and baby. A waterproof blanket is amazing for outdoor classes, trips to the park or beach, and on occasion—for an impromptu picnic on the kitchen floor. Bonus, many of these blankets fold into totes for easy transportation.

10. Pamper Mom

The focus of a baby shower is supposed to be on baby, but I also believe in spoiling mom a bit too. I can 100% guarantee that she needs everything on this list.

  • Spa day – treat mom to a mani-pedi.
  • Coffee – grind the beans ahead of time to make the effort of brewing minimal.
  • Chocolate – treat her to some sweet indulgence.
  • Great book or magazine – something that can be flipped through quickly/mindlessly
  • Wine – can you ever go wrong when giving a bottle of wine? Answer: you can’t.

This list is a compilation of time-proven winners. They’re what every mom (from first-timers to mega-pros) will use, enjoy, and appreciate—and you can rest easy that every baby shower gift you bring will be spot on, so you can spend your time revelling in newborn baby cuddles or intimate chats with your friend about how she can’t see her feet anymore.