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Vanessa is a wife and mother to two littles. She is a school counsellor by day, a blogger at Like Mother Like Daughter by night, and occasionally dabbles in freelance during naptime. Her favourites include all things pop culture, strong cups of coffee, and full nights of sleep.

baby shower gift

The Ultimate, All-Time, Go-To Top 10 Baby Shower Gift List

baby, FAM, Shopping Reviews By November 8, 2020 7 Comments

There are few life events that are as exciting and meaningful as the arrival of a brand new baby—whether it’s your own darling smoosh or one belonging to someone you love. As happy as we are about these new little additions, picking a perfect gift for each baby shower can be a daunting task—mostly because you want to commemorate the occasion with a really great baby shower gift.

Yoga with Toddlers

Yoga with Toddlers : Tips for Connecting Mommy Time with Baby Time

fitness, kids By September 24, 2019 1 Comment

I know every word to the theme song for Paw Patrol. I can recite Goodnight Moon forwards, backwards, upside down, and inebriated. I spend the majority of my days creating with play dough, kicking balls, singing nursery rhymes, and playing make believe games with plastic toys. There are a myriad of reasons behind my participation in all of these activities, the most important being that they interest my children. I repeat. They interest my children. When the sun goes down and the babies are tucked in to bed, you will not find me re-reading Goodnight Moon for the kajillionth time. As it turns out,  I have a few interests of my own and none of them involve pups who save the day.


Taking the Stress Out of Your Family Road Trip

auto By June 30, 2019 1 Comment

With summer only a few sunrises away, many families in North America are planning to gas up, hit the open road, and spend some quality time together. Whether your road trip is going to last a few days or stretch over many weeks, cramming a family into a small space can be a catalyst for stress and worry. We believe that your road trip should consist of more memory-making than worry-creating, so here are a few tips to help ease the potential stressors that may arise so you can focus on family.


Fall-ing Into a New Season

fitness By September 18, 2017 No Comments

The start of September means different things for different people. For some, it means the start of another school year, for others it means the commencement of crazy schedules, and for many it means that winter is becoming increasingly imminent.

For me, September has always been a New Year of sorts. This is likely because I have spent almost my entire life immersed in the world of education; regardless, the end of summer seems to go hand-in-hand with new beginnings and September feels full of blank pages that are just waiting to be filled.

Nano Preemie Diapers

Making Memories – One Hug At A Time

baby, FAM By March 23, 2017 No Comments

As parents, we experience an abundance of “firsts” while raising our children. As new guardians especially, the “firsts” seem to pile on top of one another so quickly that it feels like you are collecting winning tokens in an exciting new casino game. The first sonogram. The first time hearing baby’s heartbeat, first kick, and eventually the first trip to the hospital. Every moment is a milestone to be cherished.

As a parent to two small children I am plagued with how and when to begin sexual assault education and prevention in a meaningful way while my children are still so young. How does one teach kids about sexual assault awareness?

What Can We Teach Kids About Sexual Assault Awareness?

baby, FAM, kids By April 22, 2016 Tags: , , , , , No Comments

April is Sexual Assault Awareness month, and as a parent to two small children I am plagued with how and when to begin sexual assault education and prevention in a meaningful way while my children are still so young. How does one teach kids about sexual assault awareness?


The Bell that Rang in Easter

apps, GEAR By March 16, 2016 Tags: , , , , 83 Comments

I am a tradition-a-holic. From a very young age, I have been addicted to the traditions that surround each holiday.  Meticulously sorting Halloween candy with my brother, reading holiday-themed books with family, piling into a vehicle with friends to go on a Christmas light tour, and hand-decorating Valentine’s Day cards for classmates. Traditions are an integral part of each holiday and they are what evoke feelings of nostalgia, comfort, and most of all connection with each other.


Easter Bunny Pop’n Choc

EAT, holidays, snacks By March 12, 2016 Tags: , , , 3 Comments

“Here comes Peter Cottontail….hoppin down the bunny trail…” The popular Easter song echoes through my mind as I walk through my local grocery store, observing the pastel coloured chocolates, the brightly packaged plastic eggs, and the plethora of bunny-themed paraphernalia littering the aisles. It can only mean one thing: Easter is on its way.


Fuller House – An Epic Netflix Release

GEAR, LIVE, play By February 26, 2016 Tags: 2 Comments

“Whatever happened to predictability… the milkman, the paperboy, and evening TV?” The opening notes to the theme song of Full House, one of the most beloved sitcoms of the late 80s and early 90s, immediately evokes nostalgic memories for a generation of neon-wearing children. For me, hearing the lyrics puts me in my parent’s basement excitedly awaiting the next half hour of my 8 year old life, wherein I would wish that I too was a member of the Tanner family.


Oscar-Worthy Mocktails

EAT, entertain, LIVE, play By February 23, 2016 Tags: , , , , 3 Comments

The Glitz, The Glam, The Gossip. It’s Oscar season in tinseltown and Hollywood’s biggest night is upon us. The Academy Awards is the culmination of the year in film, and the nominees have been active in talk show and media circuits promoting the projects for which they hope to take home a coveted golden statue. For those of us regular folk who are not planning on attending the awards show, the Oscars are the perfect excuse to indulge in rich foods, decadent desserts, and bubbly cocktails while enjoying the show from the comfort of our couches.