“Here comes Peter Cottontail….hoppin down the bunny trail…” The popular Easter song echoes through my mind as I walk through my local grocery store, observing the pastel coloured chocolates, the brightly packaged plastic eggs, and the plethora of bunny-themed paraphernalia littering the aisles. It can only mean one thing: Easter is on its way.

The arrival of Easter coincides with some of my favourite things including the beginning of blossoms peeking out from the branches of trees, the shedding of winter coats and chunky boots in lieu of sandals and light spring jackets, and most importantly, the arrival of the prettiest and most decadent chocolate treats of the year. From the grocery store, to the gas station, to the world wide web, spring is upon us and Easter is taking over. Cue the Easter egg hunts and the bunny ears!


Natural Easter Egg Dyes
How to Create a Memorable Easter Egg Hunt

As fun-filled as many of these Easter associations are, this holiday is also filled with family gatherings, school parties, and the inevitable need for parents to provide Easter-themed treats for these functions at the last minute. Suddenly the arrival of Peter Cottontail involves planning, creativity, and…work. Not only are providing festive treats typically expected for these holiday events, but the pressure of the internet and certain websites has pushed the expectations for holiday-themed treats to a whole new level.  A level that, quite frankly, I am unable to reproduce short of transferring store bought treats from their container onto one of my quasi-fancy plates and calling it a day.

How to Make Easter Bunny Pop’n Choc

I discovered Pop’n Choc and all of my anxieties over providing beautiful holiday treats at the last minute disappeared. With one simple recipe, all the expectations I have for a holiday treat are met. The recipe is easy, aesthetically pleasing, addictive in flavour, kid-helper-friendly, and can be adapted for any holiday for which you are called to contribute treats. Win-win-win. Simply pop the popcorn, add some malted or chocolate eggs, and then drizzle melted chocolate over the top. We used the pastel wafers that you usually use in chocolate molds.

I dare you to limit yourself to a few handfuls.

In order to prevent myself from eating the entire batch alone while binge-watching tv, I bought Easter-themed treat bags from my local dollar store and filled them with Easter Bunny Pop’n Choc for my friend’s children. The kids loved them! The best part (other than how ridiculously good Pop’n Choc tastes) is that by simply switching the colours of the candy and chocolate, this treat can be adapted into a festive snack for any occasion that arises.

You’re welcome.

Happy Easter Everyone!