There’s something about Easter egg waste and chemical dyes that makes me squirm. Of course there are store-bought non-toxic natural Easter Egg dyes out there, but we set out to discover our own from ingredients in the fridge. The result was muted and beautiful – almost what you would find if you happened upon a bird’s nest in nature.

Naturally Dyed Easter Eggs

We Used:

– Orange Slices
– Cherries
– Beet Slices
– Strawberries
– Crushed Mint
– Cranberries
– Fresh Basil
– WatermelonNatural Easter Egg Dyes

After filling each glass with 1/2 cup of water, we added 2 T of white vinegar, an egg and one of the natural dying agents. After two hours, we removed the eggs and let them dry.

Not only were the pastelresults gorgeous, but the eggs were made into a toxin-free, incredible Easter breakfast after the kids found them.


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