It is that time of year again. The kids will be filling wicker baskets full of foil wrapped eggs that we can sneak while they are sleeping. Urbanmommies wants your kids to enjoy the hunt as much as that hollow chocolate bunny that follows. Here are some tips on how to make this year’s Easter egg hunt one that will go down in the Mommy Hall of Fame (or at least the talk of the playground).

Create Easter Egg Hunt Magic

If a bunny really came into your house to leave Easter treats there would be proof, right? The Rabbit might nibble on a carrot or perhaps leave some paw prints on your hardwood floors. Make them believe the impossible with a simple stencil and white flour or paint. Sketch, trace or print a paw print on some paper. Cut out the shape to create a negative stencil. In the cover of darkness or when the kids are out at the park with your partner, tap the flour or paint with washable paint (test spot is advisable) to create the believable bunny prints around the house. The same technique can be adapted to an outdoor hunt with some white sidewalk chalk. A cheese grater leaves realistic Rabbit teeth marks in those carrots your children left out. Scatter a few shavings for an extra effect.

Make the Easter Egg Hunt fair

We don’t want Suzie and Shawn to scrap over who gets Peter Rabbits Head. Create balance in the end prize and how you get to it. You could try a colour coded jelly bean trail for siblings of different ages. Clues written on egg shaped paper will be more challenging for your older child or plastic eggs in obvious hiding spots might be the ticket. Consider having your children trade in their eggs for a grand prize instead of focusing on filling up their basket during the hunt. Keep the peace on Easter by balancing the loot evenly.


Healthy Treats for a Toddler Easter Egg Hunt
Natural Easter Egg Dyes
Easter Bunny Pop’n Choc

Think outside the (chocolate) box!

We love chocolate melting in our mouths more than chocolate fingerprints on furniture. A Easter gift doesn’t have to come in the shape of an egg. Urbanmommies loves gifts that keep on giving. Check out products that marry function with fun and will keep you kids happy beyond Easter long weekend. If you want to fill a basket with toys take a peek at wooden animal toys that let our kid’s imaginations run wild (in a pasture). The gift of time always wins in my house will bounce with joy to spend time with you!

After all of your hard work don’t forget to make a big deal out of the magical details. After all we want them to notice and appreciate you… Mothers day is approaching fast.