Since September I’ve been on a health kick. For once, I enrolled myself in activities while I did registrations for the kids. It is time for some overdue self-care. And like my dear Grandmother would have said – if I don’t have an hour a few times a week to take care of my body, then my life is out of whack.  Balancing yoga, barre and Zumba classes have been a delight instead of a chore, and I have been feeling stronger, more toned, and best of all – more positive. Grandmothers are always right.

bulletproof-coffee-instamixLoving to try new health and fitness products, I jumped at the chance to sip Bulletproof Coffee. Healthy coffee? Absolutely! The night before I mixed my first cup, I did some research and was really quite shocked. What was I getting myself into? This product that is reported to make people feel energized, focused and full for hours on end is not just any old coffee. It’s coffee mixed with butter and oil. Yeah. My stomach turned a bit at the thought, and I went to sleep not knowing exactly what the first morning’s trial would bring.

My Bulletproof Coffee Experiment

Day 1:

There was coffee (which I recognized), and then a little bottle of oil, and then a pouch. Whitener? Sweetener? Nope. Butter. Or to be specific, Instamix – an instant, use-anywhere source of grass-fed butter and brain octane. I couldn’t decide if I was taking one for the team, or if this was going to change my life. I diligently mixed the pouch and 1 teaspoon of oil, and stirred vigourously (you can also blend). It tasted just like coffee. But better. Interesting. Would I gain 5 pounds from this? Just in case, I threw on my leggings and headed out to barre fitness. Afterward, I felt like I could do two classes back-to-back.

Day 2:

If yesterday was a fluke, I’d know today. I mixed it and again sipped as if it would bite me at first. I guess change is hard for me, so I did even more research. Born out of consuming butter in yak tea while hiking at 18,000 feet of elevation near Mt. Kailash in Tibet, founder Dave Asprey wanted to figure out why the whole butter-in-coffee thing made him feel amazing. He discovered that XCT oil promotes high energy, fat loss, and brain function. It will make you feel better and get thinner. Apparently, grass-fed butter has a different fat composition than cream, which doesn’t blend as well, doesn’t taste as good, and lacks fat soluble vitamins. In addition, the ‘casein’ found in milk and cream binds to the antioxidants (polyphenols) in coffee and makes them unavailable for your body to use. Butter has far less casein, and ghee has none.

Hmm. Ok. I sipped more confidently and headed to yoga. My mind was coming up with great writing starts as I drove, and after the class, I felt like singing. I also wasn’t hungry until well after noon.

bulletproof-coffee-morningDay 3:

Today’s research told me to make this with the least toxic coffee out there. Mold toxins commonly found in wet-processed coffee beans are called ochratoxins (a class of mycotoxins). Wait for it.. they are documented to cause substantial suffering by disease and death in humans and animals. They also make you jittery. Yeah, ok you had me at mold, but adding the diseases will surely keep me away.

Once again, my energy was high, and I felt more even-keeled over a three-day span than I had in a while. I did an all-over body check a few time throughout the day to check for jitters, and I hardly shook at all.

Day 4:

Despite a power outage, I was able to prepare my coffee on the gas stove and the packet of Instamix and bottle of oil made it easy, even with a flashlight. Like the other days, I had an extra spring in my step, and was far more productive than usual. And smarter. And totally thinner.

Bulletproof Coffee: The Verdict

In all, I am shocked that I feel so fabulous. As well, one cup seems to do where I used to drink at least two before leaving the house. I’m curious to keep going and see what happens with more oil, or two coffees per day. Weight-wise, I certainly haven’t gained, and have the energy to work harder during exercise. Grass-fed butter and XCT oil. My proper English Grandmother who instructed me on the proper making of tea and coffee (along with self-care) would never believe this one! And yet after one day of Bulletproof I think she’d revise her coffee teachings about the perfect cup of coffee.

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Bulletproof Coffee. All opinions and awesome results are our own.