We’ve all been there: unloading the backpack at the end of the day and throwing away half-eaten sandwiches and mushy bananas. We snap at the kids and make a quip about less fortunate children who don’t have enough to eat. What if we could be confident that every morsel would be consumed? The kids would have better behavior, be more attentive and happier. Challenge accepted. We’ve got 15 creative, healthy irresistible lunch ideas to keep the kids munching!

Rubbermaid Lunch BloxWe use Rubbermaid Lunchblox® because they click together and come with Blue Ice freezer inserts to ensure food safety.

  1. Rainbow SushiRainbow Sushi: If you’re short on time, you needn’t make it yourself. These bite-sized treats remind the kids that ‘eating a rainbow’ is a fun and healthy way to go. They fit beautifully in a lunchbox, and you can ensure they are fresh by popping in a fun freezer pack.
  2. Aquarium sandwiches: As a National Geographic Kids blogger, I have a great supply of books on marine life. Subsequently, my boys have become OBSESSED with fish. (Shark week has been PVR’d many times over!) These sandwiches made with cookie cutters will be the envy of everyone. Adding amazing marine accents like Goldfish into the other containers will have your kids giggling all day.
  3. Pick Up Sticks: Cut veggies, ham and chicken into thin ‘sticks’ and artfully layer them into your Rubbermaid Lunchblox®.
  4. Harry Potter LunchGryffindor Lunch: For the Harry Potter fans, kids will be thrilled with their meat pie, mashed potatoes and peas!
  5. Movie Lunch: popcorn, film reel sandwiches and colorful berries
  1. The Italian: Perfect Pizza, olives and antipasto
  1. Games Galore: Cut your sandwich into a puzzle, add Monopoly-coloured veggies, and spell your child’s name with Scrabble pieces!
  1. Crazy for Muffins: My son constantly uses the excuse that he doesn’t have enough time to eat. Mini muffins are a great solution. Pack each lunch component in fun paper muffin liners, and be sure to include our amazing recipe for savoury lunch muffins!
  1. Baco Wrapped Chicken Bite LunchRolling Along: Kids love shapes! Make a lunch using only spheres! Meatballs, pepperoni, grapes, tomatoes and mini bocconcini.
  1. Finger Fun: Long, skinny treats will always be interesting to kids! Rolled sandwiches, long cucumber slices and string cheese will be a hit!
  1. Sneaky Salad LunchThe Sneaky Salad: Use the different components in order to separate their cobb salad components so that they can be chefs at school!
  1. Taco Time: Send ground beef or chicken in a thermos, and place sour cream, cheese, lettuce and salsa in your Rubbermaid Lunchblox®. Roll tortillas.
  1. Lunch SkewersSkewer it: chicken bites, strawberries, marshmallows oh my!
  2. Bento Sushi LunchBento Box: Keep sushi chilled and delicious with the Blue Ice freezer inserts.
  3. Mickey Mouse SandwichesLet’s Do Disney: Who can resist Mickey Mouse? Adding red and black accents seal the deal!Better Lunch in a Snap! Rubbermaid LunchBlox® makes packing lunch easier than ever. Modular containers are perfectly portioned and snap together to stay organized in kids’ lunch bags. Rubbermaid.com

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