Remember when maternity fashion was an oxymoron?  When insipid little rosebuds on a mu-mu were au courant? Canadian designers are among the top in the world, and as our reputation grows as a world-class travel destination, our shopping options do as well – even for maternity clothes. I remember when I was trying to conceive and kept going to the States to buy out of season Pea in the Pod items on sale in hopes that they’d fit if I conceived right away!! NO MORE. Shop local. Shop Canadian. We are featuring stores that carry maternity clothes in Canada and the ones below are Canadian-based stores dedicated to the belly.  We’ve also got a section on nursing bras and nursing wear.  Let us know if you have any additions!

I find now that so many knits can be used before and after pregnancy (so you can splurge on some nice ones). Black, flat boots, ballet flats, cool white sneakers… it all works and can be carried on afterwards. I have a pink satin trench coat from days with a mega-belly that still rotates through the wardrobe to this day. Another great trick is to invest in accessories – scarves, hats, belts and jewelry lasts forever.

Canadian Maternity Stores

Sprout Collection
Little Wonder Star
Thyme Maternity
Ani + Wren
Pink Blush

Maternity Stores in Ontario

Carry Maternity
Love Me Do Maternity
Hatch Maternity

Seven Women
Rhonda Maternity
Luna Maternity

Maternity Stores in Quebec

Sage Maternite
Nine Clothing
Mere Helene
Friperie la Berlue

Maternity Stores in British Columbia

Hazel & Jooles
Bellies in Bloom
Room for 2

Maternity Stores in Alberta

Ella Bella

Baby and Me Maternity
Yoyomama Maternity

Maternity Stores in Nova Scotia

Bay B Boutique (Hydrostone)
Growth Spurts Consignment

Breastfeeding/Nursing Wear

Cake Maternity
J Mommies

Best of luck with your pregnancy and also the dressing, and if you need more help, well, our Maternity Clothes on a Budget and our Pregnancy Fall and Winter Fashion Trends could also help.

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