Day 5’s gifts that illuminate and solve are mostly about technology. SALIVATING!!! In case you missed any, we’ve done a round-up of all of our guides, along with a chance to win $250 in Visa gift cards.

1. Instacharge instaCHARGE Portable 12,000mAh Tablet, Phone and Device Charger with Pouch $34.95

2.  KidzGear Bluetooth Headphones Made specifically for children. $59.99 (includes FREE Carry Bag). Experience total wireless FREEDOM. Designed with versatility in mind, these wireless headphones can be transformed into a Boom Microphone Headset Headphone or even standard Wired Heaphone with the simple addition of the included Boom Microphone and Audio Interconnection cable.

3. NOKERO lamp. The Nokero N233 is perfect for camping, backpacking, emergency lighting, and other off-grid lighting. It is bright enough for reading, working or lighting up a tent and runs up to 15 hours after just a day’s charge. It is designed and tested here in our home state of Colorado and will withstand years of daily use in the world’s harshest conditions. For every purchase you make, Nokero will send a light to a needy family in the developing world. Over 1.4 billion people lack electricity and light is a crucial part of improving their lives. Help us light up lives around the world. $17.99

4. For me, solve means to anticipate my problems before they happen. Mommy loses her keys… someone invented The Tile to help her find them. Mommy forgets to charge her phone….there are some great charging solutions. I  suggest the Instacharge and the Power GOGO. Now if someone would just help me remember where I parked my car. $82.99

5. Sensoglove Golf Glove: Also available is the right hand version. SensoGlove is the first and only golf glove with built-in sensors that constantly read the pressure of your grip. Practicing with SensoGlove will teach you the correct grip pressure for a smooth, consistent swing that delivers greater distance, enhanced precision and lower scores! SensoGlove’s built-in digital computer actively monitors your grip with sensors placed strategically throughout the glove, providing instant feedback at all the points of your swing. SensoGlove’s audio feedback warns you at the moment your grip becomes too tight, allowing you to learn and maintain correct grip pressure at every point of your swing. $89.99

6. Mars In My RoomWatch the mysterious red planet light up and come to life on your wall! See pinpoints of light that show where Mars Rovers have landed. Then, place different Lander/Rover stickers to mark their landing locations. Authentic Mars detail and textured surface!  $36.99

7. iRig Mic StudioIntroducing iRig Mic Studio, IK Multimedia’s ultra-portable large-diaphragm digital condenser microphone for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac, PC and Android. It packs a 1” diameter condenser capsule into an ultra-compact enclosure that can be used to make professional-quality recordings anywhere. Great for musicians, vocalists, home producers, podcasters, broadcasters, voice-over artists and more, it puts the superior power of a large-diaphragm microphone into the palm of your hand. On Sale: $149.99

8. The Tile App. Attach a Tile to an item and locate it by sound when it’s close but out of sight. If you still can’t find your Tiled item, use the Tile app to see its last known location on a map, or leverage the Tile community to find it for you. Water Resistant. Battery lasts a full year. $25

9. Illumination brings light into the darkness. The stars shine their beautiful light through the night sky and carry with them messages about our past, present and future. Astrologer Dawn is one of the most renowned Astrologers in the world. She has been heard on television and syndicated national radio doing readings and reports about what the stars have to tell us. I have been working with Dawn for almost 20 years and her talents are remarkable and she shares them generously and graciously. We think a session with Astrologer Dawn would be the best preliminary step for anyone seeking to make some powerful New Years Resolutions. For readers, she offers us the following promotional code for us. Use the code TURKEY in the shopping cart at the Astrologer Dawn website to purchase the Initial or Follow Up Consultation. You can use this code to purchase gift certificates for friends, family and co-workers.  You can also purchase multiple gift certificates, which are good for 1 year from the date of purchase.

10. Technology will change healthcare. Today some of the biggest break-throughs in medical science come in the way we can avail ourselves of world class testing technologies remotely. If you are making personal health related New Year’s Resolutions, now is the time to start planning. The Happy Vitals Company lets anyone self-test for levels of toxin in our system. Try doing this before the levels of Christmas Party toxin ingestion happens. There are two different kinds of tests. A hair/fingernail test for toxins that anyone can use, and a breast milk test for nursing mothers. The toxin test is probably most useful to your audience since anyone can use it. A great way to see what toxins are in your system and then eliminate them through diet or other household changes like swapping for natural household cleaners, etc. Basic Package: On Sale $149.95

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Gifts That Illuminate and Solve