Kids birthday party ideas are often hard to come by. Excursions outside the house tend to be expensive, and logistically challenging. With a bit of creativity, yearly parties needn’t break the bank – many of the best can be conjured with just a bit of imagination and a few fun props. Here are 10 creative ideas for an affordable and fun kid’s birthday party.

1. Spy Party

A spy party is a unique and engaging party for kids of almost all ages. Start the party by choosing undercover spy names and dressing up in disguises (fake moustaches, top hats, black clothes). Then, set the scene for a “mission” and let the kids work together to find the “stolen jewels.” For an added touch of creativity, tape pieces of string across a hallway and make the kids avoid the “lasers” in order to get to the prize.

2. Cooking Competition

Split the kids into teams and setup the party into three rounds: appetizers, main course, and dessert. Ideas for each round include: creative vegetable platter/cheese and cracker plate (appetizers), pizza (main course), and cake decorating (dessert). Let the kids work together within specific timed rounds to create creative dishes  which they can later eat. Judge each round based off certain criteria; creativity, plating and taste.

3. Race car Theme

Have each kid decorate/make their own cardboard car out of a box and create a race track in the garden with string or chalk. Have a fun day of crafts and sports as they race around the yard in their new cars. For an extra touch of creativity, label the drink station the “Refuelling Station.”

4. Superhero Party

Invite everyone to come over for a super party! When they arrive allow each kid to create their own super identity. Play dress up, create capes and/or masks and create a superhero profile. Then, lead the kids on a mission to save the world!

5. Pyjama party

It will be hard to sleep at this party! Invite each little guest to show up in their pyjamas and bring their favourite stuffed animal. Some activities that could go along with the party are a stuffy toss wall and a movie with lots of popcorn. Simple party games like charades also work well with this theme.

6. Amazing Race

Send the kid’s on a scavenger hunt around the house filled with challenges, detours, encrypted clues and a finish line. For older kid’s, get a group of parent driver volunteers and take the race around the city. Some ideas for challenges include: finishing an ice cream cone, buying something at the grocery store for under $2 and taking a picture at the beach.

7. Sports

Start the party by sending out invitations saying, “You’ve been drafted”, it’s a fun and creative way to set the theme. Create a “mini-olympics” and spend the day playing sports and running obstacle races in the yard or at the park.

8. Tea/Garden Party

Create a magical day outdoors with a table setup with tea, cookies, little sandwiches and plenty of little chairs for the little ones. Have outdoor activities like bubbles, kites and frisbee. Treat it like a picnic with a whimsical touch! The kids can even decorate their own cookies with a cookie decorating table set up.

9. Painting Party

Get messy! Set up a large sheet and either one big canvas or many little ones for each kid. Put out some brushes and finger paint and let the kid’s unleash their creativity. Let them be as messy as they want for their special day! A rainbow cake would be the perfect addition to any painting party.

10. DIY Drive-in Movie

A great addition to the Car-themed party is a DIY drive-in movie. When it starts to get a little dark outside, set up an outdoor movie using a projector or push the family room furniture to the side. Let the kid’s use their newly made cars to pull up to the movie. With some snacks, this is sure to be a memorable party that will produce plenty of great photos.

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