>Bye bye perfume, no more chlorine.  Flush them down and your life will be green..  Ok, so maybe not a great ditty, but we haven’t stopped singing since we tried these fabulous diapers.  A mix between cloth and disposables, the inner liner pops out and you can flush it – or get this… stick it in your compost bin to decompose within 3 months and give soil directly back to the earth.  (Add this to our fun list of things to do with kids in the garden).  For those of you who are mortally offended, not only by the landfill factor of using disposable diapers, but by constantly seeing Elmos and princesses on your dear one’s tush, these are the solution. gDiapers have soft, stylish covers that close with velcro and come in swanky colours.  The one featured here features pink ruffles, and there are also very stylish ‘g’ logos, stripes and patterns.  It makes you want to leave the baby all but naked.


Interesting facts:

– Disposable diapers take 500 years to decompose in landfills.
– Some estimates suggest that 82,000 tons of plastic and 1.8 million tons of wood pulp (1/4 million trees) are consumed each year in the production of disposable diapers.
– Experts estimate that 2% of landfills are entirely disposable diapers (the other part is old Ikea furniture.  Just kidding).
– The average child uses over 5,000 diapers during the 30 month period before toilet training, contributing to a total of over 16 billion diapers or 2.7 million tons of single use diapers requiring disposal each year.

Sources: gDiapers, The Diaper Decision: Not a Clear Issue, by Joyce A. Smith and Norma Pitts, Ohio State University.