We’re in the home-stretch of summer and my kids are getting fidgety. I don’t want them constantly watching TV or allowing them to morph into screen zombies, and yet their creativity is waning. Sending them outside on bug hunts, creating forts and harvesting their gardens has come and gone. We all know how crucial toys, games and play are for a child’s development, but sometimes we all run out of ideas. Thankfully we found a way to power up the imagination!

Looking for a useful activity that would keep them engaged but also help prepare for the coming school year, we cleaned out the toy box. Nirvana! Remember all of the toys from last holiday that you painstakingly bought and wrapped? If you are like me (ahem), the kids received a tad too many new items and some poor toys received less attention than others. We have created an ‘August Resurgence’ of these unbelievable toys (mommy gets to create the gift guides, so much research is always done!). It then occurred to me that I had been saving a review special toy that needed some testing. It was time for BB8 to join our family.

Star Wars Hasbro BB8After the decibel level waned and the kids stopped screaming with joy, a plan was put in motion. We decided to combine a cool outdoor summer meme with a beloved newfound toy. Move over garden gnome – BB8 is going on an adventure.

Unlike more expensive models, this BB8 is powered by remote control and is quite large. He rolled happily along, and got himself into some pretty fun places.

Kayaking BB8

Kayaking BB8.

Gardening BB8

Doing a little weeding.

Boating BB8

Zodiac fun!

BB8 Mountain Climbing

Is this Coruscant? I thought this was Coruscant. Hmmmm.

BB8 on a Log

It’s fun to traverse a fallen log!

Want to have your own adventure and test the power of a phenomenal Hasbro BB8 toy as well as these strong batteries that will help power your kids’ imagination for months on end?