I can’t think of anything more fun than getting ski and snowboard gifts for the holidays! But… what to choose? My personal list is quite lengthy – and includes attire for gaper day! These slopeside finds help inspire you to enjoy the outdoors, staying fit and active while you breathe the fresh air. We have a few affiliate links included, which help support the work we do if you choose to purchase anything through them. Enjoy the snow, and dream of powder days!

2018 Gifts for Skiers1.British company Sweaty Betty has been high on my radar of late. Their base layers are fab, and this Backcountry all in one outfit is similar to the one Victoria Beckham wore when I snagged a selfie with her hubby at Whistler. $730
2. Peak Performance sells fashionable, durable and flattering gear. These totally on-trend Women’s Ski Pants are no exception. $375
3. You can stash snacks, dry gloves, and unfreezable lip gloss. Plus you look way more advanced and technical on the lifts when you don an Arcteryx Alpha Ski Backpack. $319
4. Icebreaker is one of those brands whose base layers aren’t itchy. We use ours all year long for many different activities. Men’s Bodyfit Sheepsuit $260
5. For a bit of luxury, Bogner Quilted Gloves make a great gift for ski lovers!$270
6. What’s Gaper Day without the perfect attire? Panda Onesie $25
7. My Dad just bought me these and, well, best idea ever. Thanks Dad! Dry Guy Boot Warmer $25
8. No more shenanigans with multiple bags for gear. Helly Hansen Trolley Bag holds it all. $237
9. Don’t miss your friends’ epic fails ever again. GoPro Hero 5 Black $247
10. My 12 year-old son gave me the input of the BEST helmets that are hip and cool. For those with teens and tweens! Sandbox Legend Snow Helmet $125

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