The Lumbersexual is like a grown-up hipster. He may live in an upcoming area, and isn’t shy to local coffee shops and craft beers. He may not be the best at changing a tire, but his beard is as full as his heart. Have any more gift ideas for our lumbersexual guy? We’d love for you to write them in the comments! We have put a few affiliate links within our ideas, and if you choose to purchase anything from them it supports sharing our stories and ideas with you all! Lumbersexual Gift Guide1.His teeth are his temple. Waterpik Professional $80
2. The beauty of this type of denim is that it’s pretty much invincible and you can wipe it off. Plus, the leather on the apron is brilliant. Selvedge Denim Apron $175
3. Just in case he needs to dig while trekking. Military Folding Shovels $31
4. Every lumbersexual wants to sport some perfectly groomed facial hair. Presenting the ‘Wow’ beard grooming kit $17
5. Because we know the big one is coming. Producing one’s own food is crucial. (Even if just to learn how). Survival Seed Vault $22
6. These are the softest most luxurious faux fur blankets! The philosophy of this great company is that products must be Built to Last and Designed to Evolve so that they never go out of style and never become obsolete. Footsac Blanket in Wolf Phur $250
7. Volcom Plaid jacket $130
8. The uKeg 64 keeps beer fresh and carbonated for 2 weeks. uKeg pressurized growler for Craft Beer. $175
9. I tested this for 2 months and have never felt so energized and productive. Highly recommend! Bulletproof starter kit – Ghee, Upgraded Coffee and Brain Octane Oil. $56
10. You know those roll-up mattresses? Well, this one is for the tent. Uber cool. Sunflower Musk sleeping pad. $44

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