I recently saw an array of knives by Victorionox Swiss Army.  My husband has made me somewhat of a knife snob (he worked at a butcher shop in his teens) and taught me everything I know.  So I ‘investigated’ these specimen.  I checked balance, heft, grip, sharpness.  The plastic paring knives are great (and colourful) for everyday jobs, and I imagine that they’d be my go-to knife for most kitchen jobs.  But what would make me feel like the gourmand that I aspire to be?  What really got my juices flowing (so to speak) were the luxury knives.  Pick up a professional forged chef’s knife from Victorionox and you’ll want to host a dinner party.  All models are forged from one piece of black-smithed steel and have a seamless transition from the blade to the handle.  And think of all the money you’ll save on dinners out..  Pictured: Forged Carving set.  Retail: $230