STEM toys are all the rage – as they should be. STEM – for science, technology, engineering and math can be experienced at very early ages, and the universe is answering – with tons of toys that can help kids develop these skills at any stage. Here are our picks for STEM Toys this year.stem toys for gifts

  1. Happy Atoms: This set will set them on an amazing course for science – and I am totally wishing for this aslo, as I forget so much of what I learned!
  2. The Magic School Bus Engineering Lab will help the littles grow and develop while keeping them totally fascinated with the science of it all. Corresponding science dress optional.
  3. I was on TV last week talking STEM toys and couldn’t snag one of these in time. It is, for sure, one of the smartest toys out there this season. Presenting the Think and Learn Code a pillar!
  4. I *may* have studied chemistry at a really great University, but I dropped the course. Wish I’d had the Project MC2 We Heart Chemistry Set.
  5. This is kindof like having Santa Monica Pier in your living room.. Knex Amusement Park $42
  6. Dado Cubes combine art and science as you explore architectural principles . . . proportion, balance, structure and color. A new twist on classic building blocks, Dado engages your imagination as the slits on each cube are interlocked to create an unlimited number of three-dimensional structures. Constructed horizontally, vertically, or nested together, Dado invites visual spatial development and problem solving through design-centered, attention-grabbing fun! $27.00
  7. Reptangles are a highly evolved construction toy. They are a perfect fit for building intelligent imaginations! Because of their reptilian resemblance, children are immediately drawn to this building toy system.
  8. Dash and Dot Robots are real robots that teach your kids to code while they play. Using free apps and a compatible tablet or smartphone, kids learn to code while they make Dash sing, dance and navigate all around the house. Sensors on the robot mean they react to the environment around them, including your kids.
  9. Rubik’s Race is ideal for those of you who could solve the original Rubik’s in like a minute, and are trying to teach your kids to do the same. PS. Damn you. I’m still trying to solve it the first time.
  10. Squigz are another great idea from Fat Brain Toys that build imagination, dexterity, and creativity.

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